Our disinfecting services effectively eliminate the novel human coronavirus (COVID-19).This includes on playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, schools, offices, homes and more.


We Work When You Need Us

Our disinfecting teams can work after your business hours—or whenever is most convenient for you—in order to get the job done. Choose our one-, two- or three-step disinfecting process that’s appropriate for your space and concerns and let us do the rest.


Our Services

One Step

Disinfectant Fogging: This option uses an approved EPA virucide disinfectant diluted with water and distributed as Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fog. This fog uniformly coats all targeted surfaces. This option does not include hand cleaning or sanitizing.

Two Step

High Touch Cleanup: This service includes cleaning and disinfecting of “high touch” nonporous surfaces and cleaning and sanitizing* of “high touch” porous surfaces. “High touch” areas include doorknobs, railings, light switches, outlets, office equipment (computers, printers, vending machines), furniture and more. This option is finished with ULV fog.


Three Step

Enhanced Cleanup: The most aggressive type of disinfecting service. This option includes hand cleaning and disinfecting of all nonporous surfaces as well as cleaning and sanitizing* of all porous surfaces, high touch cleanup and ULV fog. This option includes the cleaning of walls up to eight feet high but excludes ceilings.


Note: Disinfectant Fogging is included in Enhanced Cleanup and High Touch Cleanup options as the final step in the disinfecting process.


*disinfecting is not recommended on soft, porous surfaces.


We're passionate about Keeping your spaces clean and safe.

Say goodbye to germs and bacteria

When it comes to protecting your people and your spaces, we provide all three levels needed to kill bacteria and viruses: cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

Cleaning: removes visible dirt, organic matter, viruses, fungi and bacteria. This is accomplished with water, detergent and by physically scrubbing an object or surface.

Sanitizing: reduces but does not necessarily eliminate all bacteria on a treated surface. It’s important to note that sanitizers do not have claims for viruses or fungi. Sanitizing is meant to further lower the number of microbes on a surface after properly cleaning.

Disinfecting: kills germs on surfaces by using chemicals. As cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill microbes, disinfecting doesn’t necessarily clean surfaces. Disinfecting destroys infectious and undesirable microbes At home, use an EPA-registered household disinfectant and be sure to read instructions carefully.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is microbe control?

Microbe control is the process to effectively clean, sanitize and disinfect an object, surface or space. Cleaning physically removes germs from a surface, sanitizing reduces germs from a surface, and disinfecting kills germs on a surface. Learn more about this in our blog. (hyperlink)


Does disinfecting my space kill COVID-19?

Yes, our disinfecting services effectively eliminates the novel human coronavirus (COVID-19). We suggest the Enhanced Cleanup option for the most aggressive approach to disinfecting your space.


What’s a porous and nonporous surface?

A non-porous surface is smooth and sealed not allowing air, water or other fluids to soak through. Examples of non-porous surfaces include tile flooring, metal sinks and cabinets, glass surfaces, and door handles. A porous surface allows air, water or other fluids to soak through and include drywall, wallpaper, and carpeting.

Pine State Promise

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a Maine-based, locally owned company and providing fast, effective, and friendly service to our neighbors. We will come back at no cost to you if your problem is not resolved.