Why Get Rid of Rodents

Rodents are in full force: mice, squirrels and yes, even rats. With a population explosion brought about by last year’s mild winter and an abundance of food during warmer months, there’s a lot of rodents looking for a warm place to cozy up for the winter.

Rodents are sneaky little critters and can find their way into your home through tiny openings or cracks along your foundation, floors, walls, gaps in windows, even drainage pipes if they aren’t properly sealed.

While they may seem harmless, rodents can cause structural damage, contaminate food, chew through wires and insulation, burrow into upholstery and carry all kinds of risk—both to your home and health.

Not sure if you have an issue with rodents? Read our blog on How to Tell if You Have a Rodent Problem.

Rodent Prevention and Control Services

Wondering if rodents have set up residence in your home or want to get ahead of the game with prevention? Already know you have a rodent problem? Either way, we have a solution for you. Our rodent prevention and control services can protect against —and wipe out—infestations from rodents of all kinds. Don’t let these uninvited house guests stay; let’s find the solution that’s right for you.

  • Rodent Preventative Service – assess and prevent
  • Rodent Clean Out Service – assess, remove, and prevent
  • Quarterly Preventative Rodent Control Program – once every three months our specialists will return to check and rebait all interior and exterior bait stations for ongoing rodent control.

Our Process

Our pest control specialists will come to your home or business to assess the severity of the problem. We’ll do a thorough inspection of the inside of your home, setting traps if needed to catch and remove all established rodents. We will then look at the exterior, sealing up any holes or entry points and determine if tamper and weather resistant exterior traps need to be set. Then, interior and exterior bait stations will be set in targeted areas for ongoing rodent control.


After your service, sign up for our Quarterly Preventative Rodent Control Program and we guarantee rodents will no longer be an issue—and if you even so much as suspect a rodent in your home after being on this plan, we’ll inspect and do any additional work needed for FREE.


Don’t let these uninvited house guests stay the winter. Take back your home. 

Whatever your need, we have a rodent prevention and control solution for you.

Pine State Promise

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a Maine-based, locally owned company and providing fast, effective, and friendly service to our neighbors. We will come back at no cost to you if your problem is not resolved.