Tick-borne diseases are on the rise in Maine: 40% of deer ticks submitted to the University of Maine Tick Lab in 2019 tested positive for Lyme Disease, 8% tested positive for anaplasmosis and 6% positive for babesiosis.

As of April 27, 2020 there has been 125 confirmed cases of Lyme disease and 1 of anaplasmosis in Maine. Keep up to date with real-time Lyme disease data from the Maine CDC. 

Real-time Lyme disease data

Maine CDC Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

Learn more about ticks and how to reduce your risk of tick-born diseases. 

Package Options

Seasonal Spray Package: 

Includes three applications in spring, summer, and early fall. It’s the most effective way to reduce the amount of ticks in your yard and kills the ticks during their most active periods. In fact, the majority of our customers who purchase this package don’t see a tick all season.

Combination Tick/Mosquito Package:

Combine either 3 or 5 mosquito sprays with the Seasonal Spray Tick Package to reduce mosquitos.


All packages include a consultation and on-site recommendations for pest mitigation.


How much does it cost?

After a discussion with you and a thorough assessment of your yard and outdoor living space, we’ll assess the scale of the project and determine the cost. Application pricing is determined by total square footage of perimeter lawn area to be treated, and all packages are tailor made based on the assessment of high risk and high target areas. Pricing starts at $125 with payment options available.


We are happy to work with you on pricing to provide you with your pest solution needs.

We customize every pest solution. 

After a discussion with you and a thorough assessment of your outdoor living space and agreement on pricing, we will come to your property to administer the first spray. We use a power mist blower to lay a fine mist on and around the perimeter of your yard and high risk/high traffic areas. We evenly coat the perimeter of your property by providing deep coverage along 5-10 feet of the transitional area that leads into your yard. This is where dense brush and high moisture--along with ticks and mosquitos--can typically be found. This creates a 40 foot-plus buffer around your property using our kid and pet safe, fast-drying insecticide.* Applications are cumulative, meaning each spray builds on the previous one, increasing your protection after each visit.


During and after our services, we also offer consultations to provide you with suggestions for updating your property so you attract fewer ticks and mosquitoes. There are free things you can start doing now to help reduce the number of those pests! We are happy to provide ongoing consultation and education as requested or needed. 


Now, more than ever, you want your home to be a place where you feel completely safe and healthy. You should be able to be outside, enjoying the outdoors, spending time in your backyard. As a local small business committed to helping our friends and neighbors, we look forward to offering you protection from ticks and mosquitos now and through the fall.


*All natural EPA section 25B exempt pesticide is available upon request. We’d be happy to discuss which option is right for you. It is recommended that you stay off treated areas for an hour after being sprayed.  

Pine State Promise

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a Maine-based, locally owned company and providing fast, effective, and friendly service to our neighbors. We will come back at no cost to you if your problem is not resolved.