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Pest Control For Apartment Buildings and Multi-unit Properties

bed bug found in a an auburn me apartment

Apartment buildings and other multi-unit residential properties frequently deal with bed bugs and roaches.  One explanation for this constant problem is that the source of the infestation is never treated.  If Unit A and Unit B report bed bug bites but Unit C is not even inspected and is where the infestation stems from, the problem will not be resolved.  At Pine State Pest Solutions, we discovered early on that the most effective way to control bugs was to stay ahead of them.  By implementing professional, proactive pest control methods, our team focuses on prevention rather than treatment after an infestation has taken root. 


small german cockroach in a southern me apartment building

Rather than call your pest control company when a tenant notifies you of a pest problem, Pine State Pest Solutions will send out a technician for a full day to treat as many units as possible within the timeframe allotted.  After our technician has applied preventative services, we’ll provide you with thorough documentation that includes:

  • What unit(s) were serviced

  • How well your tenant(s) cooperated with our technician

  • If your tenant(s) prepared for treatment

  • Details about application, treatment and what monitoring devices were installed

  • Any additional communication that we feel would be helpful for you as the property manager

More affordable for your company than calling and paying every time there’s an infestation, our multi-unit housing program offers a dedicated pest control technician for full day or half day options which allows you to stay ahead of pest problems.


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It’s simple, we focus more on bed bugs than any other company in Maine.  And it’s our goal to deliver the most effective pest solutions to our customers.  This is only accomplished through ongoing training.  In fact, we attend many pest control and bed bug specific conferences throughout the year.  We are also members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), which keeps us up to date on the pest control industry, new technologies, research related to insects, and much more.  When you contact Pine State Pest Solutions for help with your multi-unit properties, you can count on our team to provide you with comprehensive services that deliver results.


In addition to our preventative pest control services, Pine State Pest Solutions offers seminars that educate tenants and employees about bed bugs, cockroaches, and how to prevent infestations in their buildings. 

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