bed bug found in a bed in a lewiston home

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bed bugs found in a hotel in maine

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we specialize in bed bug detection and remediation.  Providing bed bug control to Portland, Augusta, and the entire state of Maine, we offer proven solutions to bed bug infestations in residential homes, condos and apartments,  schools, hotels and motels, fitness centers, nursing homes, daycare facilities, and other commercial properties.   Ignoring bed bug bites or throwing out your mattress will not resolve your bed bug problem, contact Pine State's Bed Bug Division today for help!

Maine’s Specialists in Bed Bug Integrated Pest Management!

In addition to offering K-9 bed bug inspections and highly effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments, Pine State Pest Solutions provides conventional bed bug treatments that are more than just spraying pesticides at the problem.  Our integrated pest management solution for bed bugs is ideal for light infestations or as a preventative to keep these biting insects out. 

We start with a full inspection of the house, including areas around the bed and living spaces and then move on to treat infested areas with steam and/or vacuum.  Areas we target include mattresses, box springs, furniture, and any other areas where our team is able to see bed bugs and eggs.  When you choose this bed bug treatment option, we’ll also install special monitoring devices and high quality, flexible fabric, water proof bed bug certified mattress and box encasements.  Not only will this protect you and your bed while the treatment is in process, it protects against future bed bug infestations.  Lastly, our technicians will strategically apply kid-safe and pet-friendly pesticides to kill hiding bed bugs and unhatched eggs. 

If you’re not currently dealing with a bed bug problem and want to keep it that way, you might consider our preventative treatment program.  An integrated pest management solution, this option is best way to protect homes, offices, apartment buildings, etc.  It includes ongoing monitoring and education as well as monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly residual pesticide treatments to catch and kill bed bugs before they have time to establish.  We customize our program to fit your needs and most importantly, to keep bed bugs out of your home or business!

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Bed Bug Identification


bed bug found in an augusta me home


  • Eggs are pearl white and only 1mm long
  • Nymphs are almost translucent and also about 1mm long
  • Adults are about ¼ inch long and reddish-brown


lifecycle chart of bed bugs

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