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If you’re worried about bed bugs, trust Maine’s premier bed bug elimination team at Pine State Pest Solutions. Specializing in bed bug detection and elimination, we offer proven solutions for bed bug infestations in:

  • Single-family homes
  • Condos & townhouses
  • Apartments & multi-family housing
  • Schools & daycares
  • Nursing homes & healthcare facilities
  • Hotels & commercial lodgings
  • Other commercial properties

Ignoring bed bug bites or tossing infested mattresses will not resolve your bed bug problem. Pine State’s Bed Bug Division offers the most advanced bed bug treatment options in Auburn, Portland, and Augusta as well as throughout the entire state of Maine.

Bed Bug Inspections

Locally owned and family-operated, our Maine pest control company has been providing effective, industry-leading bed bug control services since 2010 and take pride in helping property owners state-wide identify and get rid of bed bugs. The first step in bed bug elimination is confirming the presence of bed bugs. In order to determine if bed bugs are infesting a home or business, an inspection is necessary. At Pine State, we offer two types of bed bug inspections – visual human and certified canine.


Visual Inspection

One of Pine State’s trained bed bug control specialists will perform a detailed 10-point inspection of the area(s) where bed bug activity is suspected looking for live bed bugs, shed skins, fecal spots, and others signs that indicate these biting pests are present.

bed bug inspection in auburn maine

Areas our bed bug control specialists inspect include, but are not limited to:

  • Mattresses 
  • Box springs
  • Bed frames
  • Nightstands & other furniture
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Electronics
  • Baseboards
  • Outlets & light switches

Though this method of bed bug inspection is very thorough, there are of course limitations, namely visibility. In some cases, bed bugs are not easily spotted. At least not without lifting carpets, adjusting beds or moving furniture around.

In cases where there is reason to believe that bed bugs are present but an inspection performed by one of our bed bug specialists was unable to find evidence, we may recommend a K-9 bed bug inspection.

Bed Bud Dog Inspection

For cases where a visual human inspection may not work, we may recommend a bed bug dog inspection. More than man’s best friend, dogs have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect the presence of bed bugs even when they aren’t visible. 

trained maine bed bug dog, bodie

In addition to being a wise choice for property owners that suspect bed bugs but can't find evidence, bed bug dog detection is a service that is ideal for property managers and other commercial environments where there are several units to inspect. 

  • Dependable
    Dogs have shown to be extremely accurate in detecting and pinpointing the location of bed bugs.
  • Trusted
    Dogs are trained to work for food and love—not profits.
  • Cost Effective
    Bug detection dogs generate much quicker and more accurate results, meaning less expensive remediation costs.
  • Peace of Mind
    Reasonable certainty of the presence of bed bugs.

Bodie, Pine State’s certified bed bug dog, was rescued from the Florida Humane Society and trained at the Florida Canine Academy by legendary trainer Bill Whitstine. Bodie and his handler travel across the state of Maine to help concerned property owners and managers find out if bed bugs are a problem in their homes and businesses.  

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Pine State uses Thermal Remediation®: a highly effective process that utilizes dry heat to kill bed bugs.  In addition to exterminating every life stage from eggs to adult, bed bug heat treatments performed by Pine State are completed in one working day (typically treatment takes between 7-12 hours depending on the square footage of the infested space), have been found to eliminate other insects, and also removed odors.

bed bug heat treatment equipment used by pros

Our heat treatments are successful because we follow a proven process every time. First, we’ll treat the infested area(s) with an application of residual chemical. Once that’s completed, we’ll:

Bring Heat.  Electric bed bug heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135°F.

Monitor. Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.

Move Air. High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

Once the heat treatment has been completed and as we’re breaking down equipment, we’ll install monitoring devices and mattress encasements.

Approximately two weeks later, we’ll return to apply one more chemical application to make sure the bed bug infestation was completely wiped out.

Conventional Bed Bug Treatments

Pine State Pest Solutions provides conventional bed bug treatments that are more than just spraying pesticides at the problem.  Our Integrated Pest Management solution for bed bugs is ideal for light infestations or as a preventative to keep these biting insects out.

maine bed bug control pro treating mattress seam

We start with a full inspection of the house, including areas around the bed and living spaces and then move on to treat infested areas with steam and/or vacuum.  Areas we target include mattresses, box springs, furniture, and any other areas where our team is able to see bed bugs and eggs. 

When you choose this bed bug treatment option, we’ll also install special monitoring devices and high quality, flexible fabric, water proof bed bug certified mattress and box encasements.  Not only will this protect you and your bed while the treatment is in process, it protects against future bed bug infestations. 

Before we leave, our technicians will strategically apply kid-safe and pet-friendly pesticides to kill hiding bed bugs and unhatched eggs.

A follow-up bed bug service will be performed within two weeks of the initial service to ensure bed bugs are eradicated!

30-Day Bed Bug Guarantee

For property owners who qualify, Pine State Pest Solutions offers a 30-day bed bug guarantee starting from the date we give your property the all clear. Please ask us for details.



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If you're concerned about bed bugs and want to schedule a free bed bug inspection, simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you soon.  You can also give us a call at (207) 806-5449.


Commonly Asked Questions About Bed Bugs?

Do bed bugs spread disease?

No, bed bugs are not known to spread disease.  Secondary skin infections may occur if bed bug bites are scratched excessively. Loss of sleep and stress may adversely affect those who have a bed bug infestation in their home.

What are the signs of bed bugs?

Finding live bed bugs in the folds of your mattress or crawling in your sheets is the easiest way to know for you have a bed bug problem. Other signs of bed bugs include:

  • Bites on your face, arms, and legs as well as other exposed areas of skin. You may find them under clothing too.
  • Rust-colored blood spots and/or fecal matter on the mattress or other furniture these pests have infested.
  • Shed skins from where bed bugs molted.

In the case of well-established bed bug infestations, you may notice a sweet, musty odor.

How did I get bed bugs?

Really, the possibilities are endless. If you went on vacation, you may have brought them home from the hotel or airplane. If your college-aged child came home, it’s possible they brought them from the dorm. If you purchased used furniture or other items at a yard sale, they may have been hiding inside.
Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and are likely to be found in areas where people congregate. Hospitals, nursing homes, even movie theaters are capable of hosting bed bugs.

Where can I learn more about bed bugs?

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