What do house spiders look like?

The yellow-brown house spider has a dirty white abdomen, and their abdomen and legs are marked with dark chevron-like markings.  Like other arachnids, house spiders have eight legs and single-lens eyes.  Adults range in size from 1/8th to 5/16th of an inch; females are slightly larger than the males.

What attracts house spiders?

House spiders are attracted to homes and properties that allow them easy access to food and shelter sources.  House spiders are often found hiding and building webs in the corners of doors, windows, porches, and under eaves. These are all spots where light is usually available to attract their prey - bugs.

Are house spiders dangerous?

No, house spiders are not dangerous to have in or around your home.  They are not aggressive, rarely bite, and their venom is not strong enough to cause problems in most people. However, house spiders will build and abandon webs throughout your home in their pursuit of prey.  These webs are unsightly and a pain to constantly remove from the corners of your home.

House spider control

In order to control spiders in your home, Pine State Pest Solutions will inspect your property and develop a plan that targets spiders and their food sources.  If you choose a year round home pest control program, we’ll visit your home on an ongoing basis to inspect and treat as necessary.

House spider prevention tips

To prevent house spiders, you must take away their food source (i.e. bugs) and eliminate their entry points.  To accomplish this, Pine State Pest Solutions recommends the following pest prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks in the foundation and other openings on the exterior of the structure.

  • Install door sweeps.

  • Repair or replace screens covering doors and windows.

  • Inspect door and window screens to make sure that they are intact.

  • Trim trees and bushes so that they do not touch the roof or sides of the house.


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