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When it comes to pest infestations, neither tenants nor property managers want them

Unfortunately, when pest problems occur, they not only result in unhappy tenants but also in property damage. At Pine State Pest Solutions, we know from our partnerships with many property management firms and landlords, pest infestations are a serious issue, and rather than distract from all the other responsibilities (i.e., resolving tenant complaints, evicting renters, repairing and maintaining the property, screening for new renters, etc.), it is best to let professionals take care of the pest management of the complex/property. In this article, we’ll address the problems associated with insect and rodent problems as well as discuss the advantages of securing a pest management program for apartment buildings and other multi-unit housing complexes


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4 reasons why pests are a problem in Maine rental properties

  • Insects and rodents damage property from renters’ belongings to mechanical systems to actual structures
  • They jeopardize health by contaminating food and spreading disease
  • They rob tenants of their peace of mind and make them feel uncomfortable in their homes
  • Pests will not be confined to a single unit; they will spread to neighboring units if not treated properly or in a timely manner

For all these and other problems associated with pest infestations, it is in the best interest of property owners/managers to take care of pest problems before they escalate. 

Advantages of partnering with a pest control company

  • You don’t have to worry about pests damaging your building(s)
  • Your tenants are protected from bacteria, parasites, stings, and bites that cause illness, allergic reactions, or trigger asthma attacks
  • You don’t have to worry about a damaged reputation caused by insect and rodent infestations
  • Rather than being reactive and scrambling to find a pest control company, you have a team delivering proactive and preventative pest solutions including regular inspections and treatment
  • Your time is freed up to focus on other aspects of your property and property management business.

Pine State offers an affordable and effective solution for property managers and landlords

If you own or manage a multi-unit housing complex in Auburn, Portland, or elsewhere in Pine State Pest Solutions’ service area, our locally owned and operated pest control company would love the opportunity to eliminate and prevent pest activity in your units. 

In fact, we’ve developed a solution specifically for apartment buildings and other multi-unit housing complexes where we dispatch a fully licensed and highly trained pest control specialist to your location for a full day of inspection and treatment. While there, the technician will inspect as many units as possible and administer as many preventative services as necessary during the allotted timeframe. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with documentation that includes: 

  • What unit(s) were serviced
  • How well your tenant(s) cooperated with our tech
  • If your tenant(s) prepared for treatment
  • Details about the application of treatment and monitoring devices installed
  • Communication that we feed would be helpful for you as the property manager to know 

With our experienced team on the job, you don’t have to worry about a bed bug infestation spreading, cockroaches taking over, or other pests inflicting damage or jeopardizing health.  

Why partner with Pine State Pest Solutions

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We'll value your time

When you partner with Pine State for service, we'll let you know when you can expect us, and we'll be on time.  We won't take up your whole day – we'll be thorough but efficient.

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We'll be respectful of your business

We know that interruptions in your business can cost your money which is why we're unobtrusive and respectful of your daily business routine.  When we arrive, we'll spend a few minutes with you or your representative to determine what your needs are and then we'll complete our tasks while staying out of the way as much as possible. If interruption is necessary, we'll work with you and your team to figure out the best possible way to avoid disrupting work but still get your pest needs taken care of.

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We'll communicate with you every step of the way

During each service visit, we'll conduct an inspection to alert you to any “problem areas” that we see. We'll also make recommendations for fixing areas that are conducive to pests and explain how to resolve infestations using mechanical solutions and behavior changes rather than going straight to conventional treatments.

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