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Pine State Pest Solutions is the Maine pest control company to call when you need help resolving insect and rodent infestations. Serving Portland and other communities throughout Cumberland County, we are a full-service company that takes pride in delivering the solutions that eliminate and prevent pests, no matter how severe. If you have ants in the kitchen, mice in the attic, or have apartments infested with bed bugs, reach out to us today!

Current Pest Pressures In Portland, ME 

Home Pest Control In Portland, Maine

Our locally owned and family-operated pest control company offers home pest control services in Portland that are designed to protect homes and the families that live within from common household pests including ants, roaches, and mice.

With three year-round plans to choose from, you can select the coverage that suits your home and your budget! While plan features vary, all three include our Pest Free Guarantee- at any point between scheduled services, if you see pests in your house that are covered under you home protection plan, Pine State Pest Solutions will come out within 48 hours and service your home at no additional charge*.

*Some exclusions apply- please see your agreement for details

*initial start-up fees may apply.

Professional Bed Bug Treatments In Portland, Maine

Bed bugs are expert travelers that move from place to place quite easily. They use people and belongings and travel under floors and through walls to discover new places to infest and people to bite. While bed bugs are often associated with travel, the truth is you can pick up these pests anywhere people congregate including apartments, hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, college dorms. To protect your family from bed bugs and to keep them out of your home, our Maine-based bed bug control team has the following bed bug prevention tips to offer:

  • Inspect EVERYTHING that you bring into your home. Mattresses, furniture, new clothes, purses, suitcases, secondhand goods – everything!
  • Think twice about buying used. While most of like to save a buck when we can, purchasing used items is not without risk. Unless you know who you’re buying from and are meticulous in your inspection of the item, we suggest not buying used items – especially furniture and mattresses!
  • Research before you travel. When you’re planning a vacation, you probably run a few searches on where to stay, where to eat, what to do, etc. We recommend adding vetting your hotel for bed bug issues. Read reviews to see if other visitors have found bed bugs in their hotel rooms and look at other online sources like bed bug registries to see if your accommodation makes that list of shame.
  • Check your lodgings carefully. We know inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs is not necessarily how you want to start your vacation but we must insist upon it. The alternative is bringing these bugs home with you and having to pay for remediation.
  • Complete a post-trip inspection. Once your home from a vacation or business trip, don’t unpack your suitcase inside your home. Instead take care of that chore in the garage or even outside and be sure to look over each item carefully for these small bugs. If you don’t see any, head straight for the washing machine and clean clothes on the highest temperature your fabrics will allow.

If you have noticed bed bug bites, blood on your sheets, or have discovered other signs of bed bugs, please contact Pine State. We’ve been treating bed bug infested homes and businesses across the state of Maine for over 10 years and offer effective bed bug treatments in Portland. Don’t lose sleep over these pests, our team is ready to help you get rid of bed bugs!

Portland, ME Tick Treatments & Mosquito Control

If you’re tired of worrying about ticks and mosquitoes infesting your yard and entire property, Pine State Pest Solutions has the ideal solution! We offer seasonal tick treatments and mosquito control in Portland that significantly reduce the populations of both disease-spreading pests and target areas where these insects breed and rest.

Don’t let your backyard sit empty during the spring, summer and fall months, contact the local pest control pros at Pine State for help getting rid of ticks and mosquitoes today!

Portland, Maine Browntail Moth Control

Are your oak trees crawling with browntail moth caterpillars? Have you noticed these destructive pests on your fruit trees? Have you or a family member encountered the toxic hairs of these caterpillars and experienced a rash? Browntail moth caterpillars have become a significant problem in Portland and along coastal Maine and inland too. While the moths themselves are not a serious threat, when they are caterpillars the same cannot be said.

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we understand just how intense these pests can be and have a developed a browntail moth caterpillar treatment protocol that includes treating the trees where these browntail moths build their webs. We typically start treating in April and continue to help property owners get rid of this particular scourge through June. Really our goal is to get to them before they have a chance to harm trees or leave folks with rashes. If you’ve noticed webs in your trees over the winter or have suddenly found your property infested by browntail moth caterpillars, give us a call to learn more about our tree injection and spraying solutions!

Additional Pest Control Services In Portland, Maine

In addition to the pest control services mentioned above, Pine State Pest Solutions also offers:

Not sure what type of pest is infesting your home or business? Simply give us a shout. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

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