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Offering its residents a mixture of beauty, brawn, and sophistication, Portland, Maine, is an exceptional city to call home. Lobsters, lighthouses, rocky shores, and an eclectic, busy downtown are some of the reasons so many of us love it here. Protect your Portland home or business from the insects and rodents that also live in Southern Maine, with help from the local experts at Pine State Pest Solutions.
Our locally-owned company has the pest control services needed to protect all of our neighbors from damaging, dangerous, and annoying pests. To discover all that our residential and commercial pest control services offer, reach out to Pine State Pest Solutions today!

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Home Pest Control In Portland, ME

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Our experts know insects and rodents and how to keep them out of your home. We know what they are, how they are getting in, how to get them out, and most importantly, how to keep them from returning. Our effective year-round pest control services are designed to meet specific pest pressures. Each of our three home protection plans offers:

  • An inspection

  • The accurate identification of pests

  • The development of a customized plan

  • Monitoring, to ensure that pests don’t return

  • Our Pest Free Guarantee–if pests covered under your plan return between scheduled visits, so do we, at no additional charge

To learn more about our home protection plans and which one fits your home and budget, call Pine State Pest Solutions today!

Commercial Pest Control In Portland, ME

interior of a fast food restaurant in portland maine

Are you looking to protect your restaurant, hotel, warehouse, retail shop, or other commercial property from reputation-killing pests? If so, you have come to the right place. Experienced in administering effective commercial pest control solutions to a variety of Maine businesses and industries, Pine State Pest Solutions ensures that your Portland commercial facility will become and remain pest-free.

Our experts work closely with you to address your particular pest pressures. After completing a thorough inspection of your facility we create a plan of action. Through eco-friendly methods, our professionals will provide treatments and monitor your facility to ensure insects and rodents do not return.

By partnering with Pine State Pest Solutions, you can be sure that your Portland business is protected from the many pests looking to invade. For business owners looking for exceptional pest protection, call Pine State Pest Solutions.

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Portland, ME

a carpenter ant crawling on wood in portland maine

Described as destructive, the carpenter ant is an insect that no homeowner wants nesting on their property, or even worse—inside of their home’s structural wood! Carpenter ants are a large species of ant that is usually black in color. They nest outside in water-damaged or decaying wood, fallen trees, tree stumps, and woodpiles. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on the wood they are nesting in, instead, they forage for food in a variety of places like trashcans, compost bins, outdoor eating areas, and inside our homes—traveling back and forth from food source to their nesting site each day.

Once carpenter ants find their way inside your home, usually while foraging, they create a satellite nest inside the structural wood. Indoor satellite nests allow them to be close to their newly-found food source. When these ants do get inside your house, they create several problems:

  • They contaminate food sources.

  • They introduce bacteria and pathogens onto food prep areas and the other surfaces of your home.

  • Over time, their nesting tunnels and galleries create structural damage that is expensive to repair.

  • They are difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional.

If you see large black ants wandering around your yard or inside of your house, call Pine State Pest Solutions. We provide the customized pest control plans necessary to solve your carpenter ant problem and prevent their return. Pine State Pest Solutions works with homeowners to protect Portland homes from destructive carpenter ants. Call us today!

Are There Bed Bugs In Portland, ME?

a bed bug crawling on sheets in a portland maine home

Yes, unfortunately, there are bed bugs in Portland, Maine. They also live in every other state in our county! Bed bugs are prolific pests that invade homes and businesses across the United States. Unfortunately, bed bugs can survive and even thrive during all four seasons, not even the cold winter months can deter these fearsome pests.

Because they can’t fly or jump, bed bugs hitchhike their way into homes or businesses on clothing or other personal belongings. If bed bugs ever find their way into your Portland home, know that the experts at Pine State Pest Solutions are here to help. We offer and specialize in bed bug detection and remediation.

Through K-9 inspections, bed bug heat treatments, conventional bed bug treatments, or integrated pest management, we solve any bed bug problem—big or small. Once your initial bed bug services are complete, we prevent them from becoming a problem again with our preventative treatment program. For assistance with bed bugs, trust Pine State Pest Solutions-—Maine’s bed bug experts!


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