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Even though bed bugs have been around for centuries and are a common pest problem in Portland, Auburn, and throughout Maine, there are still a lot of questions about these biting pests that remain unanswered. With that in mind, we thought it a good idea to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions about bed bugs. 

inside look at active bed bug infestation in portland, me


Are bed bugs dangerous?

The word dangerous is subjective. On the one hand, it means able or likely to cause harm or injury but it also means likely to cause problems or have adverse consequences. So, if you were to ask us if bed bugs are capable or causing harm or injury, the answer would be not usually. According to the CDC website, bed bugs are not known to spread disease. Of course, bed bug bites may affect everyone differently. For example, there are records of allergic reactions associated with bed bug bites but that is not typical. Secondary skin infections are also worth noting but are usually caused by excessing scratching of a bed bug bite. Again, not a commonplace occurrence. 

Now returning to the second definition of dangerous, we’d have to say that bed bugs are possibly dangerous. You see, they are capable of causing serious problems for both residential and commercial property owners and an infestation can have serious repercussions including extreme stress. 

Are bed bugs and ticks related?

That’s a great question since both these pests are notorious for biting people and taking blood meals.  Despite their similarities though, the two are not related. 

Bed bugs are insects and have six legs. Ticks are actually arachnids (like spiders) and have eight legs. 

Another difference between the two parasites is their feeding habits. Bed bugs prefer human hosts while ticks primarily feed on animals. Of course, here in Maine, we know that ticks can and will bite humans. The cases of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are a testament to that. 

When are bed bugs active?

Despite the fact that bed bugs are reported more often during the summer months, they’re really not a pest with any specific seasonality. If anything, you might say that bed bugs are worse in the summer months but they certainly don’t die away once winter arrives. 

You might think that because bed bugs prefer warm environments, Mainers wouldn’t have to worry about bed bugs once the cold weather arrived but that would be false. That’s because bed bugs are an indoor pest and stick close to people- you know, their preferred food source. What’s more, we have a proclivity to travel to warmer climes during the winter months and thereby increase our chances of encountering these bugs and bringing them home. 

As to the active hours of these pests, bed bugs are nocturnal for the most part and usually come out during the night to find and feed on a host.  For severe infestations, you may find bed bugs active any time of the day but that is because they’ve run out hiding places. 

Are bed bugs attracted to period blood?

Yes, we know this is an unpleasant question but trust us, it gets asked way more than you think. Thankfully, we are happy to say that the answer to this query is no. Bed bugs are actually attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide we produce. 


How do exterminators treat bed bugs?

In order to get rid of bed bugs, exterminators use various methods of bed bug control including, but not limited to:

  • Heat 
  • Steam
  • Chemical
  • Freezing
  • Physical removal
  • Monitors & traps

As Maine’s premier bed bug control pros, our locally owned and family-operated pest control company eradicates bed bug activity using heat, chemical, or a combination of both. In order to determine the best bed bug treatment for a given situation, we’ll complete a 10-point inspection of the area(s) where bed bugs are suspected. Our highly trained pest management specialists will look for live bugs, shed bed bug skins, fecal spots, and other signs of bed bugs.

Based on our thorough assessment, we’ll recommend a treatment option we are confident will exterminate bed bugs.


How much do bed bug treatments cost?

The cost of a bed bug treatment is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Severity of infestation
  • Number of rooms and/or total square footage of infestation
  • Treatment type

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If you’re worried about bed bugs and want to know If you have these pests in your home or business and how much it’ll cost to get rid them, contact Pine State Pest Solutions. We’d be happy to schedule your FREE bed bug inspection!


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