A Rainy Summer In Maine Is Causing Major Ant Problems

August 01, 2023

It rained almost every day in June and while we don’t have July’s numbers yet, it was also a rough and rainy month. In fact, it started off with record breaking rainfall and even some flooding. The severe summer rain also resulted in significant ant infestations throughout the state. Yes, many Maine residents are concerned about the number of ants showing up in bathrooms, kitchens, garages as well as other areas of their homes this summer and rightfully so. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at how rain has contributed to this pest problem, what property owners can do to prevent ant infestations, and of course, how Pine State Pest Solutions gets rid of ants!

flooded ant nests in maine lawns driving them inside

Why ants have and will continue to infest Maine homes this summer

Their nests have been flooded

The heavy rainfall many areas have received this summer has flooded ant nests which in turn has forced these insects to evacuate or risk drowning. When ant colonies are disrupted like this, the solution is to find a new place to nest, which unfortunately is often inside homes.

They need dry shelter

Rain has saturated the soil around ant nests causing them to become waterlogged, loose, and unstable. In some cases, nests have collapsed from all the water.  To avoid this problem, ants have sought out dry shelter, which happens to be… you guessed it, Maine homes. Our abodes offer everything ants need to not only survive, but thrive during the summer months.

Rain has made it harder to find food

During heavy rains, finding food outside is quite challenging as food sources are hard to find. Not to be deterred, ants in Maine have turned to human habitats where they can find food easier and more consistently. 

Ant prevention tips for Maine homeowners

To prevent ants from infesting Maine homes and camps, the local pest control specialists at Pine State Pest Solutions recommend the following ant prevention tips:

Seal entry points

Make sure all gaps, cracks, and openings on the exterior of the house are sealed up. Don’t forget to look for new openings after each storm as the stormy weather may create entry points.

Reduce moisture

It’s ironic that ants move indoors to escape rain, but also need moisture to survive. To discourage ants looking for the ideal moisture content, fix water leaks, run dehumidifiers where appropriate, and address other moisture problems inside the home. 

Keep a clean house

Reduce food sources inside your home by cleaning up spills and food debris promptly, wiping down kitchen counters and food prep surfaces, vacuuming and mopping regularly, and maintaining a clean home.

Schedule ant control at the first sign of an infestation!

If you’ve noticed ants in your home this summer, don’t wait until they’re crawling all over. At the first sign of an ant problem, contact a licensed pest control company for effective ant control. 

Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we offer home pest control services in Belgrade, Lewiston, and Falmouth as well as throughout our multi-county service area that targets all types of ants in Maine and other house-infesting pests! To learn more about our residential solutions, check out our plans below or give us a call to discuss your ant problem! 

*initial start-up fees may apply.

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