Common Problems German Cockroaches Cause In Maine

March 15, 2017

german roach crawling in portland maine pantry

In our Southern Maine service area, we deal with a tiny tan roach known as the German cockroach. This is no ordinary roach--as you can probably imagine--since it is able to survive the Nor'easters we get here in Maine. The German cockroach is the most widely distributed cockroach in the entire world. Here are a few ways this versatile and resilient roach can cause problems for your Maine home or business.

German Cockroach Issues

  • Tainted food. Whether you're looking to protect your family from flu-like illness, or you want to keep your business from being shut down by a governmental inspection, German cockroaches are an insect that should always be addressed when it appears. These roaches are tiny. This gives them incredible access throughout an entire structure. They are also capable of chewing into foods stored inside paper and cardboard packaging. These foods should always be poured into hard plastic containers to protect them from insect infestation, and to keep them fresher longer.

  • Tainted surfaces. German cockroaches have no problem climbing in your trash and then walking around on your cutting boards, counters, dishes, and silverware. In a home, they'll walk on other sensitive items, such as toothbrushes. We don't have to connect the dots on that one, and you know other things a cockroach can walk around on in your bathroom. This can lead to a transfer of harmful bacteria and flu or cold symptoms for family, employees, and customers.

  • Allergens. Studies have shown that cockroaches are directly connected to the increase of asthma issues in urban centers. Since the German cockroach is the most distributed urban pest in the world, it is safe to assume that it is the insect most responsible for the increase in asthma allergens. When German cockroaches get into air ducts and ventilation system, their shed parts can become airborne. Prevention and exclusion are the only measures that prevent this.

  • Bites. When food sources are low, or populations are high, cockroaches can bite. These bites most often occur on the eyelids when cockroaches nibble on eyelashes, dandruff, and dead skin. A bite wound can swell and become infected because of harmful bacteria from the biting roach.

  • Odor. You're not likely to smell one German cockroach but if you have enough of these roaches in your home or business, you're going to smell them.

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