What Does Bed Bug Treatment In Southwest Maine Look Like?

October 17, 2018

bed bug on a blanket

Living with bed bugs is no fun. They get into your home, they climb into your bed, and they feast on your blood while you sleep at night. The next morning you wake up with tiny red raised itchy dots along your skin. It’s enough to drive you crazy, not to mention the feeling that your home is not clean, although that may be far from the truth. Bed bugs will infest any home, no matter how clean or dirty it is.
Bed bugs are tiny little reddish-brown parasites that need to feed on the blood of humans in order to survive. They are extremely hardy. They travel on shoes, clothes, bags, and other items from place to place and can go several months without a blood meal. And they can easily withstand hot and cold temperatures. This is why they are so difficult to treat, especially with do-it-yourself methods. In most cases, professional bed bug treatments by a trained professional will be needed to eliminate every single bed bug.
In the fall, there seems to be an explosion of bed bug activity due to all of the summertime travel which inadvertently brings bed bugs from relatives' homes or any other place that was visited. Once they arrive in your home, bed bugs can reproduce rapidly and develop into an infestation that becomes out-of-control by fall.
DIY treatment methods can be costly, time-consuming, and messy, not to mention, in many instances, completely ineffective. When using a professional pest control company, like Pine State Pest Solutions, you will experience complete relief from bed bugs with the assurance that comes with professional elimination.
Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we offer a specialized bed bug detection and remediation solution through our bed bug division. Available state-wide including Portland, Augusta, and Bangor, we put forth proven solutions for homes, businesses, schools, and other facilities. We specialize in bed bug elimination services and offer efficient K-9 bed bug inspections as well as effective eco-friendly heat treatments. Our Integrated Pest Management approach, which involves conventional treatments and preventative measures, will eliminate bed bugs completely. No matter what level of protection and prevention you need, our expert technicians will perform a thorough inspection and discuss with you an appropriate customized treatment method that will be just right for you and your home.
Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bug solutions, and our year-round pest control services meant to keep your Maine home free of other unwanted pests.

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