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What Are Those Webs In My Trees?

Here at Pine State Pest Solutions has been receiving requests all winter from property owners looking for help getting rid of browntail moth winter webs on their properties. If you’ve noticed webs in your trees and aren’t sure what they are or if you know exactly what pest is currently occupying them and simply want them gone, our locally owned and operated Maine pest control company can help! Read More >

When It Comes To Browntail Moths, Residents Should Follow The Four Rs

If you’ve spent any time outside or even driving around Maine in the last few weeks, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed browntail moth caterpillar winter webs in the leafless trees. Pine State Pest Solutions owner, Parker Adams, was recently passing by the Saco exit and noticed the trees were loaded with webs as were trees in Old Orchard Beach and in many communities throughout our state.… Read More >

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