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When you think of rodent problems in Maine, mice likely come to mind, and with good reason. They aren’t the only rodents causing problems for homeowners in the Pine Tree state though; rats are also a serious issue and one often found in garages. 

rat on a tire inside a maine garage

Why rats infest garages

As is the case with mice, rats are attracted to indoor spaces that protect them from the elements and provide a relative amount of safety. While not every Maine garage is heated, they all block wind, and snow, and are usually warmer than the outdoors. Plus, there are tons of wicked good places to nest and less foot traffic than other parts of a home. 

Easy access to food and water is also a major attractant. 

Why would rats hide out in the garage when there’s more food inside?

It’s true, there are plenty more food options to choose from in the kitchen than in the garage but rats aren’t exactly picky eaters. They’ll consume just about anything they can find. Seeds, trash, and pet food are common staples of a rat diet and are often housed in the garage. 

Furthermore, most garages are located close to the kitchen. Since rats have a great sense of smell and will travel a few hundred feet from their nests to their food sources, it could be they’re raiding the kitchen pantry and then retreating to their nests in the garage. 

How to tell if you have rats in the garage

It’s actually fairly easy to identify a rat problem in your garage if you’re paying attention to the clues. While some are blatantly in your face, others might require some detective work. 

Obvious signs of rats

  • Live or dead rats 
  • Rat droppings on your workbench, on the floor, among your storage containers, etc. 
  • Gnaw marks on rafters, wires, PVC pipes, and other exposed areas
  • Other signs of rats

Rat nests or nesting materials

  • Smudge marks or rat hairs along walls and paths 
  • Scratching or squeaking noises (mainly at night) 
  • Gnaw marks on storage containers and other items stored in the garage loft

How to prevent rats from infesting the garage

In order to stop rats from coming into your garage or further into your home, we recommend the following rat prevention tips: 

  • Do not store food or water in the garage (unless it’s in the extra fridge or freezer)
  • Store grass seed, vegetable seeds, and other seeds in containers that cannot be breached by rat teeth
  • Eliminate garage clutter 
  • Seal all holes on the exterior of your garage and the rest of the house
  • Make sure rats aren’t coming in through the attic
  • Install weatherstripping along the bottom of your garage door(s) 

A word of caution regarding rat poison

You might be inclined to take care of your rat problem on your own and one way is to grab some rat poison at the store. Sure, the poison will kill rats but it won’t necessarily solve the whole problem. You see, it will exterminate the rats it comes in contact with but won’t address the root source of the infestation. Another issue with rat poison, if you’re family or pets ingest the chemical, it could be toxic if not deadly. In our opinion, it’s best not to risk it and instead hire a pest control company to take care of these critters. 

Professional rodent control for the win and a garage free of rats

If you’re a homeowner in Lewiston, Auburn, Portland, Augusta, or elsewhere in Pine State Pest Solutions’ multi-county service area and you suspect rats are getting into your garage, contact us right away!

Our comprehensive rodent control service targets both rats and mice and includes: 

  • An initial rodent clean-out (this takes care of any existing activity)
  • Rodent exclusion work 
  • Installation of exterior and interior bait boxes to stop rodents from infesting in the future
  • Follow-up service visits if the problem is severe

In addition to the work noted above, your technician will offer suggestions on how to modify your landscaping and behaviors to make your garage and property less attractive to rodents.

Year-round rodent protection for Maine homeowners

For homes that experience frequent rodent problems or for those who just want the assurance that their home is always protected from rats and mice, Pine State offers our Home Protection Plan. Not only does this ongoing home pest control plan target rodents, it eliminates common house-infesting insects like ants and spiders. Take a look at the features below or simply give us a call to discuss your rodent problem. You can also fill out our form and we’ll connect with you!

Home Protection Plan

Starting as low as $35/month*

local maine pest control specialist knocking down cobwebs

Pine State’s Home Protection is an affordable pest control plan that is ideal for homeowners who want general pest control services that target common house-infesting insects and rodents.

When you sign up for this ongoing service, you’ll receive an initial service visit to treat the existing pest problem and then seasonal service visits spread out over the year to ensure pests stay out. That’s a total of four services annually.

Pests covered under Pine State’s Home Protection plan include carpenter ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, field ants, little black ants, pavement ants, carpet beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, flour beetles, ground beetles, hide beetles, larder beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, warehouse beetles, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, centipedes, clover mites, American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, wood cockroaches, field crickets, house crickets,  European earwigs, firebrats, bald-faced hornets, European hornets,  deer mice, house mice, millipedes, Angoumois grain moths, drain moths, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, mud daubers, Norway rats, paper wasps, pill bugs, rice weevils, silverfish, sow bugs, springtails, cellar spiders, daddy longlegs spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, sac spiders, wolf spiders, Western conifer seed bugs, and yellow jackets.


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*Some exclusions apply- please see your agreement

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