Types Of Ticks In Maine

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According to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 15 different tick species have been found in Maine. Thankfully not all of them are permanent residents but, and that’s a big but, one that poses a significant threat to health is a year-rounder. In this article, we’ll identify two of the most common types of ticks in Maine and discuss the risks as well as how to protect yourself from them. 


Common Ticks Found In Maine

dog tick on a resident outside bath maine home

American Dog Ticks

American dog ticks are another common tick in Androscoggin County and other Maine counties. Although they are the primary vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) in our part of the country, to date there have been no confirmed Maine-acquired cases of RMSF.  Tularemia and canine tick paralysis are also associated with American dog ticks.

How to avoid American dog ticks in Maine

Since these ticks are often found in grasses, bushes, and on other vegetation, Maine residents and their dogs would do well to use caution when spending time outdoors and to stick to hiking trails and paths in order to steer clear of these arachnids.  Other American dog tick prevention tips include:

  • Keeping your lawn well-trimmed
  • Cut back tall grasses and remove dense vegetation
  • Remove brush and leaf piles
deer tick above a homeowner in portland maine

Deer Ticks

Officially called black-legged ticks but more often referred to as deer ticks in Maine, this particular species is quite prevalent in Maine and throughout the Northeast. Unfortunately, you can’t really discuss deer ticks without mentioning Lyme disease and it’s easy to see why. When you look at the data on the CDC’s website, there’s not a single Maine county that does not have a high incidence rate of Lyme. 

How do you avoid deer ticks in Maine?

To avoid encounters with deer ticks, you should:

  • Stay away from tall grasses, bushes, and dense overgrowth.  
  • Be vigilant when weed whacking or mowing near fences and retaining walls
  • Keep your lawn fairly short 
  • Do not set up outdoor furniture or kids’ playsets under trees or in shady areas 
  • Stay on paths and trails when hiking and biking
  • Avoid wooded areas and other known tick hot spots

You should also dress to repel ticks when spending time outdoors. That means wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants tucked into socks. You might also consider wearing EPA-approved repellents and always check yourself and others (including pets) for ticks after spending time outdoors. 

Where to look for ticks on people

The most common places to find ticks on people include:

  • In and around ears
  • Under the arms
  • Inside the belly button
  • Behind the knees
  • In and around the hair
  • Between legs
  • Around the waist 

Where to look for ticks on pets

The most common places to find ticks on pets include:

  • In and around the ears
  • Around eyelids
  • Under the collar
  • Under the front legs and between the back legs
  • Between the toes
  • Around the tail 

How to protect your family and pets from ticks and tick bites

Before you decide to ban any outdoor fun during the warmest months of the year, Pine State Pest Solutions has good news! Our locally owned and operated pest control company offers seasonal tick treatments in Auburn, Saco, and Augusta as well as communities throughout our multi-county service area.   

When you sign up for tick treatments with Pine State, we will: 

  • Perform a spring tick application that targets ticks that are just emerging from their overwintering sites and that are actively looking for hosts in order to enjoy a blood meal. 
  • Return over the summer to administer another tick treatment that targets the tick larvae that will be emerging from eggs and that are eagerly searching for their first blood meal. 
  • Come back in the fall to eliminate adult ticks that are still active and that are more likely to be in leaf piles and on the lawn looking for human or animal hosts.

For more information about our tick control, please visit Maine Tick Control: A Guide To Seasonal Tick Treatments

Looking for help with ticks AND mosquitoes? Call Pine State Pest Solutions

In addition to the tick solution highlighted above, Pine State also offers Tick plus Mosquito Services that start in April and run through October. This seasonal service not only takes care of the ticks on your property, it significantly reduces mosquito activity as well. 

Reach out today and reclaim your backyard!

If spending time on your deck, by your pool, or elsewhere on your property without worrying about ticks and mosquitoes sounds like the best way to enjoy the warm weather, contact Pine State Pest Solutions today

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