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Saco, ME is a city located in York County that has a population of around 18,000. With many business establishments and residential homes in the area, there is always the risk of encountering pest problems whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. Because Saco is located next to the ocean, the humidity can attract many different kinds of pests.
If you're dealing with pests in Saco, Pine State Pest Solutions has the help you’re looking for.

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Home Pest Control In Saco, ME

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Pine State Pest Solutions is committed to helping families keep their homes free of pests. While some pests are mostly just a nuisance, others can pose significant risks such as health concerns and property damage. We provide year-round pest control services that eliminate pests and keep them from coming back.
We also offer a variety of residential pest control plans that will meet your particular pest control needs and work with your budget as well. Our services come with a pest-free guarantee which means that if you see pests in your house that are covered by your plan, we will make a service call within 48 hours, at no extra charge.
Our home protection plan initial service usually includes:

  • Inspection of the property

  • Getting rid of webs, nests, and sacs on the exterior of your home

  • Installing monitoring devices to deal with rodents

  • Exterior bait stations set up around the foundation

  • Bait set-up for ants if needed

  • Sealing of access points


Commercial Pest Control In Saco, ME

interior of a fast food restaurant in saco maine

People often think about pest control services for their home, but commercial properties and businesses of all kinds encounter pest problems, too. At Pine State Pest Solutions, we provide commercial pest control services for all kinds of businesses in Saco, ME. Pests can hurt the reputation of your business and be a problem and annoyance for your employees as well as customers. Depending on the kind of business you own, pests could leave you with health and safety violations.
Our commercial pest control services are centered around working with you to create a customized plan that meets the needs of your business. We provide pest control to many kinds of business and commercial properties including:

  • Apartments and housing units

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Nursing homes

  • Retail buildings

  • Daycares and schools

  • And more


Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Saco, ME

a carpenter ant crawling on wood in saco maine

While ants of all species can be annoying to deal with, carpenter ants are one of the worst species of ants to have on your property as they can cause a lot of damage to a home or business.
These ants don’t eat wood but instead chew through wooden structures such as walls and floors. These ants can cause quite a bit of damage. They use wood to make tunnels where they build their nests. This can cause structural damage to your home as these ants get into the wooden structures that make up a building.
Carpenter ants can also get into food sources such as sweets, pet food, meats, and jellies which can lead to contaminated food sources. Here are some of the other ways that carpenter ants can cause a problem in your Saco home or business:

  • They are active year-round, so they can be a problem at any time of the year.

  • They often dig tunnels into floors and walls.

  • The damage they cause can cost thousands of dollars to repair.


Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Saco, ME

a bed bug crawling on sheets in a saco maine home

Bed bugs are annoying pests that are hard to get rid of. These pests can leave you with small, red marks that itch or cause allergic reactions. Because bed bugs hide in mattresses, clothes, and fabric, they can be elusive and hard to eliminate. There are some things you can do to prevent bed bugs from getting into your home. Here are a few prevention tips:

  • While traveling, keep clothes in sealed plastic bags.

  • Clean up clutter as a house that’s full of clutter can give bed bugs more places to hide so they are harder to get rid of.

  • Always check any second-hand furniture or clothing for bed bugs.

  • Contact professionals.

If you think you may have bed bugs, the best way to get rid of them quickly and safely is to get professional pest control services. At Pine State Pest Solutions, we provide efficient bed bug control to people in the Saco, ME area. 


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