4 Reasons Why Your Current Rodent Control Plan Isn't Working

November 08, 2021

Is your mouse control failing?

It’s frustrating when you pay for a service and don’t get the expected results. Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we see this a lot. We often get calls from despondent property owners struggling with mice in their homes even though they have a pest control plan in place. That is, they’ve already hired a professional pest control company to get rid of their mouse infestation and it’s failing. If your current pest control provider is delivering mediocre results, there could be a few reasons why.

maine pest control company's mouse snap traps


Common reasons why professional rodent control doesn't work

Reason #1: They never set snap traps because they don’t want to come back out to remove mice that have been killed. Snap trapping requires a more hands on approach but it is a highly effective way to get rid of mice when used in conjunction with bait stations and rodent-proofing.

Reason #2: There are not enough rodent bait stations on your property and/or they’re not fully baited. It could be your pest control company underestimated the size of your mouse infestation but it’s more likely they are being a bit stingy with the stations and the bait that they fill them with and are therefore producing results that are less than spectacular.

Reason #3: Traps and bait stations are set outside the rodent zone. Really what good is a trap in the basement when it appears that your mouse infestation is contained to the attic? Or how effective can a rodent station be when it’s placed several feet away from where rodents travel (in other words, not in the path of their pheromone trails and runways)?

Reason #4:There’s no rodent-proofing strategy in place.  It doesn’t matter how many traps are set or bait stations installed if the pest control company doesn’t not find out how mice are getting inside and then address them. Consider this, when a boat is taking on water, bailing is important but plugging the holes is absolutely necessary. Rodent-proofing or exclusion is absolutely necessary if you want to eliminate and prevent mice from taking over your home. 


Ready for an effective solution to your mouse problem?

Pine State Pest Solutions offers comprehensive rodent control services in Portland, Auburn, and Augusta as well as throughout our multi-county service area that are customized to you and developed after a thorough evaluation. A Pine State rodent treatment plan often includes:

  • An initial clean-out to remove mice that are already active inside your home (this is where snap traps and other mechanical control devices come into play)
  • Minor exclusion work to seal off obvious access points
  • Installation of rodent bait stations around the perimeter of your structure and also in the garage, attic, crawl space, and basement 
  • Follow-up rodent control visits as necessary and depending on the severity of the infestation. 

Additionally, we’ll make suggestions on how to make your property less hospitable to mice and other rodents. These recommendations usually include behavior modification and landscaping changes. 


Why choose Pine State Pest Solutions to get rid of your mouse problem

The major difference between us and those other guys is that “good enough” is not good enough to us. We are committed to protecting our customers, their families, and their homes from destructive rodents and won’t stop until we do. When you contact us for help resolving your rodent problem, you can count on our local pest control company to work diligently for you and with you to solve your problem!


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