Are Mosquitoes Bad In Maine?

May 20, 2022

How Bad Are Mosquitoes In Maine?

For residents of Maine, mosquitoes are part of life during the warm weather months. If we let mosquito bites stop us from going outside, then we’ll never fully enjoy the spring and summer months we all look forward to each year. Since these biting pests aren’t going away any time soon (in fact, they’re ramping up) and there are some health concerns associated with them, it begs the question, are mosquitoes bad in Maine? 

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Mosquitoes as a health hazard

Unfortunately, here in Maine, mosquitoes can be a human health risk. That’s because female mosquitoes feed on blood to acquire the protein they need to facilitate their reproduction efforts (in other words, lay eggs), and should they pick up disease organisms and parasites from infected animals they feed on, they can pass them on to humans. Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile virus are serious mosquito-borne illnesses that mosquitoes in our neck of the woods are capable of transmitting if infected. 

Will mosquitoes be bad this year?

While we cannot 100% accurately forecast what 2022’s mosquito season will look like, we do know there is a relatively low risk for mosquito activity this week into next. That said, don’t expect that to remain the status quo. Mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid weather and we’re bound to see just those kinds of conditions sooner than later. 

What attracts mosquitoes?

If it feels like you’re a mosquito magnet, you just might be. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain smells and may be drawn to the lotion you wear, what you eat, or even how heavy you breathe. Learn more about what attracts mosquitoes to people here.

Your property may attract mosquitoes if it offers ideal breeding and resting sites. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water which means if you have a tarp collecting rainwater, a stagnant ditch, or some other spot with standing water, you’ll likely deal with mosquitoes all summer long. 

Since most mosquitoes in Maine are active from dusk to dawn, you might be wondering what they do all day. The answer is they rest and stay cool in tall grass, transitional areas where manicured lawn and woods meet, and other spots that provide protection from the heat. 

Mosquito prevention tips 

While it’s impossible to maintain a completely mosquito-free property, we highly recommend making your yard less appealing to mosquitoes with these mosquito prevention tips:

  • Remove leaves, limbs, and other debris from your gutters so that water cannot accumulate
  • Direct downspouts away from the foundation to prevent puddling 
  • Trim back overgrowth & cut tall grass
  • Mow your lawn every week 
  • Pick up items that collect rainwater, such as spare tires, flower pots, and tarps
  • Sign up for Pine State’s seasonal mosquito control

In order to reduce the number of pesky mosquitoes on your property, contact locally owned and family-operated Pine State Pest Solutions. We offer seasonal mosquito treatments that are focused on areas where mosquitoes breed and where they rest. When you contact us about your mosquito problem, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Inspect your property in order to identify breeding and resting sites as well as conducive conditions
  • Provide monthly mosquito misting treatments from May through September 
  • Point out any conditions we see that will attract mosquitoes to your property

If you’re ready to watch your kids play on the lawn, relax by your pool, and just enjoy being outdoors while there’s no snow on the ground, contact Pine State Pest Solutions today. Providing mosquito control in Auburn, Cumberland, and Brunswick as well as communities throughout our multi-county service area, we are here to help! 


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