Avoid Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

November 15, 2016

It is quite likely that you seen or heard something about  beg bugs recently.   With the ban on DDT, a chemical once used to kill a vast array of pests across our nation, and with the amount of travel people now do thanks to more economical airfare, bed bugs have truly made a comeback in recent years. With the holidays coming up, millions of Americans will be flooding bus stations and airports to spend the jolliest time of the year with their loved ones. If you are one of those, be proactive. Don’t bring your aunt a present that she didn’t ask for. Bed bugs are marvelous hitchhikers. As more and more people travel, these bugs stow away in luggage, clothing, and other belongings to fly the friendly skies with you. So, how can you avoid bed bug and their bites this holiday season?

bed bugs on frame

When you pack, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of hassle with bed bugs by storing your clothing and personal items in airtight plastic bags. When you get to the hotel inspect very closely the areas of the room that are most used such as chairs, and especially the bed. Check the mattresses thoroughly for blood spots, small brownish stains, or even dead bed bugs. Make sure you are checking under the sheets and mattress pads too and pay close attention to seams.  Headboards and frames should be looked over as these pests will hide out in the cracks.   If there are any signs of an infestation, tell someone immediately and request a new room on a different floor, if at all possible.  Click here for more tips on how to inspect for bed bugs.

If you are staying in someone's home, do the same thing. It might seem like overkill, but you can bet that they would rather know that they have an infestation than not.  You should also check your belongings and person for bed bugs before you enter their home.  Public transportation is notorious for having bed bugs and you don't want to be the one to introduce these pests into your friend's or family's home.

Although it might be a hard topic to bring up, we recommend asking your visiting guests to inspect their luggage and clothing for bed bugs before unpacking in your guest room.  You DO NOT want these bugs infesting your home! 

When you return home after the holidays, make sure you take the time to inspect everything when you unpack.  We recommend unpacking in the garage or even the driveway to avoid the possibility of introducing bed bugs into your home.  Wash everything that you can immediately and go over your luggage with a flashlight, if necessary. Check every crack and cranny and then vacuum it thoroughly before you store it back in plastic.

Everyone wants to have an enjoyable  holiday season. Pine State Pest Solutions wants to make sure that yours doesn’t end with a bed bug infestation. If you do find that bed bugs have indeed moved in, do not try to eliminate the problem on your own. Do-it-yourself options may seem appealing but can lead to frustration because of lack of success in effectively treating your problem.  Call us, and we will be there to make sure that the tinsel and the laughter is all you remember from the holidays.

Providing effective bed bug treatments statewide, we are the Maine bed bug control experts and are ready to help you! 

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