Bed Bugs Are Everywhere!

March 21, 2018

bed bug crawling inside portland maine home

Perhaps because of their name, when many people hear the name “bed bugs”, they think, bed! But did you know that more often than not beds are only where bed bugs end up? Initially, your troubles with bed bugs can start in many more places than home sweet home. In fact, your day to day activities can put you into contact with bed bugs in a surprising number of places. Here is a look at some of the places that people often disregard as having the potential to play host to bed bugs.

  • Sending your kids off to school each morning can become pretty routine and somewhat thoughtless. But more and more, schools are becoming a common place to pick up bed bugs due to the amount of human contact. As bed bugs tend to hitch rides on clothes and backpacks, they could end up with anyone in the course of a school day, even your child! Make sure to check backpacks and clothing when your child returns home from school.

  • Taking a cab today? Be careful! You would not want to find out that you got to your destination with company tagging along! That’s right, bed bugs can be found in cabs! Again, due to the number of people that cabs see in a day, it is possible that they could have come from anyone, and now they could be coming for you!

  • Movie theaters are another area that bed bugs can pop up. With your hands full of popcorn and soda, you enter a dimly lit room, not thinking twice before you sit down. Like schools and cabs, movie theaters see a lot of people which increases the possibility of bed bugs.

  • Libraries should be a quiet and peaceful setting. But did you know that libraries can have bed bugs? Next time you sit down in a library to do some reading or finish up some work, you may want to take a look around first to make sure you don’t make any unwanted friends.

  • Finally, retail stores! You hit them up more than once through the week and with the number of people going through them, retail stores are a common place to pick up bed bugs. Retail stores offer an infinite amount of hiding spaces for bed bugs, so keep an eye out next time you’re off to do a little shopping.

As you can see, bed bugs are everywhere! Almost no matter where you are going, or how you get there, you are at risk of picking up bed bugs. Avoiding bed bugs can be hard, but for most of us, it's worth the effort. When you are out, use these tips to help you stay bed bug free.

  • Keep personal belongings off the floor or ground

  • Keep belongings stored away if not in use

  • Always check the area before sitting

  • Check clothing and baggage before re-entering your home

Should you find that you have picked up bed bugs, Pine State Pest Solutions can help! Servicing Portland, Augusta, and Bangor as well as the entire state of Maine, we start by offering a free home bed bug inspection so that we can not only properly identify the infestation, but also address its severity. If necessary, we bring in the help of our bed bug detection canine. By doing so, we are able to find bed bugs in hidden places such as under rugs and clutter, and in walls, all while having little to no impact on you and your home. After, we address the problem by implementing a number of different solutions. One of our main bed bug control techniques is a heat treatment.

Heat treatments raise the temperature of a space to a degree that is proven to kill bed bugs. By raising the room temperature, heat is able to penetrate to places that tools could not, like small cracks, crevices, and in behind walls. Our preventative treatment program also provides periodic visits that focus on both the inside and outside of your home to make sure that bed bugs are not popping up in the future.

So don’t let bed bugs keep you up at night, and contact locally owned and highly responsive Pine State Pest Solutions in Portland today to help!

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