Spring Pest Prevention Tips For Maine Residents

April 17, 2018

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There really is nothing better than springtime in Maine. After the long, cold winter, it feels as though Maine once again comes to life as soon as spring hits. The birds are back, flowers bloom, trees turn green and full, and the sun begins to shine. While it would be nice to simply enjoy the weather after a long winter, the truth is that we must also be thinking about spring pests. 

Whereas fall pests are usually trying to gain entry into your home for shelter during the cold months, spring pests are drawn to your property for food or water sources and oftentimes end up getting inside your home as a result of that. If you live in Maine you can probably list a wide variety of springs pests right off the top of your head, but the most common are typically ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, mice and ants. Each of these pests can be dangerous (and annoying) for their own reasons…some more of a nuisance than others, while others are more dangerous. They are also usually dealt with differently by pest professionals as well. However, there is one way that all of these are similar: prevention techniques increase your chance of keeping them off your property and out of your home. 

When it comes to spring pests, there are a few general prevention tips that will help homeowners get started. You’ll want to begin by making sure that you seal cracks and caulk over any gaps in the foundation and exterior of your home. This also includes covering up any outside entry points such as chimney holes. By doing this you are helping to keep out pests of all sizes. Another tip is to keep up with regular yard maintenance such as mowing your lawns often and keeping grass cut very short, trimming back shrubs, and cleaning up debris around your yard. This will eliminate any cool places and hiding spots. It’s also important to reduce any food sources that would attract pests such as gardens, trash cans, or dog food left outside. Additionally, eliminate any areas of standing water i.e. bird baths and kiddie pools. Cleaning your gutters often will help, too. Lastly, a simple yet powerful tip is to avoid pest bites (think ticks and mosquitoes) by wearing clothes that protect your body whether that be long sleeves and pants or mesh covering.

Truth be told, there really is only so much that homeowners themselves can do when it comes to preparing for upcoming spring pests. Pine State Pest Solutions can help residents of Maine protect their homes and properties from all of the pests that come with spring. Our year-round home protection plans cover a wide variety of pests and can be chosen to meet your specific needs and budget. Our plans include Home Protection, Complete Protection, and our most comprehensive plan, Complete Protection Plus. All of these plans are designed to eliminate pest activity and prevent them from returning. With our year-round protection service, customers will receive regularly scheduled visits where our technicians will inspect your home and put in place strategies to eliminate and prevent any pests. If you are a Maine resident and want to enjoy spring without the worry of springtime pests, call Pine State Pest Solutions today!

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