Don't Let Bed Bugs In Portland Ruin The Rest Of Your Summer

July 19, 2019

July is one of the most popular months for travel. Summer offers a great opportunity to visit family, have visitors, or go on vacation. Throughout the summer, people travel more, and increased travel means an increased risk of picking up pests, especially bed bugs. You may think that bed bugs are only found in unclean hotel rooms, but in reality, bed bugs can appear anywhere no matter how clean a place may be. And if guests come to your house, they could unknowingly bring bed bugs with them. With people coming and going throughout these next few months, no home is safe. But take heart. There are ways to reduce the risk of a bed bug infestation.

bed bugs on mattress

Signs Of Bed Bugs

In order to identify an infestation early, you should know what to look for. Please read The Most Common Signs Of Bed Bugs for more information.

Bed Bug Activity

Bed bugs can withstand extreme temperatures, so the summer heat isn’t a deterrent. They’re incredibly resistant and can even live up to a month without a blood meal. This makes them hearty travelers. Some things they travel on/in include clothes, shoes, bags, or even books and laptops.

Bed bugs aren’t found only in hotels, either. You can pick them up from many places including airplanes, train stations, or even restaurants. Once a couple of bed bugs enter your home, they can quickly multiply. They feed on human blood and cause uncomfortable and sometimes painful bites. Don’t let bed bugs take over your summer! Here are some strategies to prevent them.

Preventing Bed Bugs

When traveling, always keep an eye out for bed bugs and the signs they leave behind. When you visit a hotel, before bringing your things into your room, enter and check sheets, mattresses, cushions, couches, etc. for bed bugs, shed skins, or blood or excrement staining. Even if you feel comfortable that the room is free of bed bugs, it’s a good idea to avoid putting your belongings on the floor. Instead, use hooks to hold bags and put suitcases on furniture or stands instead of directly on the carpet.

Be observant when traveling as well. It’s a good habit to avoid sitting down until you’ve checked where you’ll be sitting. You don’t want to sit on a couch, taxi seat, or another public seat that’s riddled with bed bugs!

Once home, do a final check of your belongings to make sure no bed bugs caught a ride. Always clean the clothing you brought on your trip in hot water to kill bugs that might have found their way in. Check suitcases for signs of bugs and air them out before returning them to storage.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Even with careful observation, you may still end up bringing bed bugs into your home. This doesn’t mean that your house is dirty or has attracted bed bugs; it just means a couple of bed bugs managed to hitch a ride home with you. And it is important to realize that trying to take care of a bed bug infestation with DIY methods can be both time-consuming and futile.

If bed bugs have found their way into your home, Pine State Pest Solutions can help. We use eco-friendly heat treatments to safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs. Using professional pest control is the best way to clear your house of bed bugs so you can go back to enjoying your summer without uncomfortable bites and needless worry. Call now for a customized treatment plan to rid your Portland home of bed bugs.

Providing bed bug heat treatments in Portland and throughout Cumberland County as well as parts of Kennebec, Androscoggin, Sagadahoc, Oxford, and York counties, our local Maine bed bug control pros are ready to help you get rid of bed bugs!

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