Why Leave Spider Infestations In Auburn To Pine State Pest 

February 20, 2019

spider hanging from web in auborn basement

Why Leave Spider Infestations in Auburn to Pine State Pest  

There are many species of spiders here in Auburn. The most common to invade homes is the house spider. Who would’ve guessed?! These spiders are yellow-brown in color with a white abdomen and reach about 1/8th of an inch in length. During the fall and winter months, spiders will often find their way inside. This could partially be for the protection against the harsh winter weather but more than likely, they’re just following their food source inside. Fall is prime time for insects to move into homes and other buildings for the winter months. They’ll enter through cracks and crevices located along the foundation of your home or through tears in screens. Any damage or holes in the exterior of your home, such as damaged siding, could allow them in. Spiders will then enter, following their prey. Once inside, they’re apt to stay until forced to leave. 
Spiders are excellent at hiding and they move quickly. This makes them difficult to treat when inside your home. They can remain inconspicuous,  until you rearrange furniture or look up in the eaves of your garage. For this reason, it can be difficult to eliminate a spider invasion on your own. You can destroy their webs but they will just rebuild them in another location that’s even harder to reach. If you are able to kill a spider or two, there could still be eggs left inside your home. Where are their egg sacs, you ask? Spiders are likely to leave them in a protected, undisturbed area. Once they hatch, you will then have many little spiders running around. 
Most of the spiders in Maine, including house spiders, are not a threat to humans. The majority won’t bite or get into food stores. The main problems that spiders cause include the distressed homeowners experience and the many unwanted webs. Webs are built in eaves, around door and window frames, and around the exterior of homes. However, spiders can be a warning sign of other unwanted insects. If spiders have followed other insects inside, it’s hard to say what other pests are living in and around your property and what dangers they pose. 
At Pine State Pest Solutions, we will inspect and evaluate your property to identify pests that are present. A plan will then be formed to treat your home and eliminate the spiders inside, as well as other pests. Spider removal is best left to professionals who know exactly how these pests work and how to eliminate them effectively and efficiently. As part of the service, spider webs will be taken down and cleaned up for you. Any egg sacs and other nests formed by insects will also be removed. And we can continue to monitor and ensure your house remains free of pests. Pine State Pest offers a variety of protection plans, including Home Protection, Complete Protection, and Complete Protection Plus. Contact Pine State Pest Solutions today to get started making your home free of pests!

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