2018 Pest Prevention Tips For Maine Homeowners

December 29, 2017

we wish you a very happy new year

As we get ready for the new year and become as best prepared as we can, we go down through our to-do lists often times missing one of the most important steps of all as a property owner… pest control! We might not give much thought to the spider we squish and swatting mosquitoes might become second nature, but where there is one, there are many more, and while you work hard at everything you need to do to get ready for 2018, creatures like bed bugs or mice may be ruining your home. Apart from being a source of annoyance, pests present a huge safety risk to you, your family and your house. Controlling pests can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, which makes looking at a year-round pest control plan worth considering.

A year-round plan alleviates pest problems and implements strategies that keep them from becoming a recurring. A pest control specialist will visit your home, assess any infestations, come up with a plan to eradicate the pest, and execute that plan to rid your house of any bugs and rodents in the area. Year-round pest control plans also reassure the eradication of pests through follow up visits where a professional will monitor the infestation to make sure it does not return. Benefits of a year-round plan include:

  • Inspections and assessments conducted by a professional

  • Care that focuses on both the interior and exterior of homes

  • Work that is guaranteed

  • Affordable pest control

Pine State Pest Solutions offers several plans. Every infestation is unique which is why ever infestation is met face to face with a custom plan for eradication. With three plans to choose from, depending on your specific needs and which pests you want to take care of, there is no problem too big or too small. All of the plans include all general pests, quarterly exterior barrier spray, interior inspection of monitoring devices and bait stations, and Pine State Pest's Pest-Free Guarantee. Top level plans include mosquito and tick services.

During the initial service, you can expect many different things depending on the infestation. Visits could include the inspection and evaluation of a property, the knockdown of webs, egg sacs, and nests, installation of monitoring devices and bait stations, exterior barrier treatment to control crawling insects as well as treatment away from the foundation to widen the barrier, residual treatments, sealing of openings, cracks, crevices and more!

The professionals at Pine State Pest Solutions are happy to help anytime. If you have any questions you can always give us a call. Pine State Pest Solutions understands how busy a new year can be and we want to help you kick it off right so don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy New Year!

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