Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

November 21, 2017

bed bug crawling on maine bed

Are you heading back home or going away for Thanksgiving this year? Whether it is just for a few days or even longer, you will need to be on the lookout for bed bugs. It won’t matter where you are heading, bed bugs are not picky, they will infest an immaculate house just as easy as it can infest a run-down motel.

Most people going on vacation anytime during the holiday season will be mindful of the ongoing threat of bed bugs. T.V. and newspaper articles have been warning of a rise in bed bug infestations and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. Everyone going away will need information about these pests in order to prevent bringing bed bugs home that will inevitably infest homes.

Here’s what you can do to avoid bed bugs this holiday season:

  1. Identify an infestation before settling in. Wherever you are staying for the holidays, you will need to inspect your sleeping accommodations. Before you bring your luggage in have a flashlight ready, you will need to get down on your knees to search around the bed frame and other furniture. Check in seams, frames, box springs, baseboards, and other hiding spots. You may see live crawling insects, shed exoskeletons, or dead bugs. Look around headboards, and behind wall hangings as well, those are great hiding places for bed bugs. If you recognize an infestation of any size, you will want to request a different room or location.

  2. Keep your luggage and other items off of the floor. Put your luggage on the luggage rack or non-fabric chair when you unpack. Hang your clothing up on the hangers or keep them folded neatly in sealed bags in your suitcase. Place all worn dirty laundry in sealed bags to be brought home and washed immediately.

  3. Know when live bed bugs are present. If you deemed your sleeping arrangements safe from bed bugs, you will still need to be diligent. In the morning, if there are reddish-brown “rust” spots on the sheets or mattress, or you wake up with red, itchy welts on your body, you may have discovered an infestation and want to investigate further.

  4. Inspect all items when leaving. Take a look at your luggage, other bags, coats, and shoes after you leave for bed bugs. Brush off and kill any that you find.

  5. Wash everything once you arrive back home. Inspect your luggage, shoes, coats and other items before entering your home. Clean off luggage, shoes and other items that cannot be put in the washing machine. Take all clothing, including items that were not worn, and wash them immediately and dry them in the dryer if possible.

In the event you do bring some home, and you end up with an infestation, the experienced technicians at Pine State Pest Solutions are the bed bug specialists who service the entire state of Maine including Portland, August, and Bangor.

We specialize in bed bug detection and remediation, and our methods consist of proven solutions that we can modify to meet the needs of any type of home or business. Don’t ignore an infestation or throw out your mattresses, because that won’t make the infestation go away.

Give the locally owned and operated pest control company who prides itself on being responsive.  Contact Pine State Pest Solutions today for help resolving your bed bug problem. We want our neighbors to enjoy a worry-free, pest-free holiday.

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