Is A Fall Tick Treatment In Maine Really Necessary?

September 20, 2021

If you’ve lived in Maine for even a hot minute, you probably know how bad deer ticks are during the spring and summer months here. If you’ve spent any length of time outdoors (whether in your yard or on a trail), you’ve likely performed countless ticks checks on yourself, your kids, and your pets, maybe you’ve avoided thick woods, and perhaps you’ve taken all the precautions to protect against tick bites and Lyme disease. And if you’ve done all that then we know you are looking forward to when ticks go away. Before you grab your pumpkin spice latte and put on your favorite sweater to celebrate the dropping temperatures, falling leaves, and decreased tick threat, we have just one thing to mention – ticks haven’t gone anywhere…yet.

tick on a mainers hand outside their home while on their property

Are ticks still active in the fall?

The answer is a resounding YES. Adult ticks will remain active during the fall season as they search for a host for one more bloodmeal before winter arrives and the ground freezes and stays frozen. Ticks might have better luck finding a large mammal host in the woods but under the cover of falling leaves, they will make their way further onto lawns and backyards and attach themselves to pets and people who are hanging out there.

So yes, tick treatments are absolutely necessary for Maine residents

Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we consider the fall tick application one of the most important ones we apply. If we’re able to eliminate adult ticks on our customers’ properties in the fall, we can prevent a much larger tick problem when spring arrives. You see, for each tick we kill in the fall, we’re stopping up to 3,000 new ticks from hatching in the spring. This fact deserves a mic drop but we’ll continue on.

How Pine State treats for ticks in the fall

In order to exterminate ticks during the autumn months, our locally owned Maine pest control company uses high powered mist blowers to spread a residual product (in other words, lasting protection) around the perimeter of the property and to any transitional areas (where manicured lawn meets unchecked vegetation and wooded areas). We’ll also treat about 20 to 30 feet into fields and woods.

Seasonal tick control is the key to protecting yourself against ticks

To keep ticks off your property and away from your family, Pine State recommends ongoing treatments when these pests are active in Maine. That’s why we offer seasonal tick control in Portland, Falmouth, and Auburn as well as throughout our multi-county service area that targets ticks from April through October. While it is impossible to completely eliminate ticks, our monthly treatments dramatically reduce populations so residents can worry less about ticks and enjoy their lawns and outdoor living spaces more.

If you’re interested in a fall tick treatment or would like to sign up for next year, please reach out today!

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