Mosquito Prevention For Maine Homeowners

August 11, 2020

Mosquitos are a nuisance. Even one can ruin a backyard barbeque. Aside from being annoying, mosquitos can potentially spread disease and cause painful, itchy bite marks. To keep your family and backyard safe this season, try these prevention techniques:

Natural repellants:

plant marigolds, catnip, lemon balm, lemon grass or citronella to naturally discourage mosquitos from hanging around.

Prevent entry:

Make sure all doors and windows have screens so that mosquitos and other bugs can’t get through.

Remove water:

Mosquitos will breed anywhere—in puddles, bird baths, uncovered rainwater barrels. Remove or reduce standing water sites as much as possible.

Clean water:

If you have a pool, a pond, birdbath or other stagnant water features, make sure to keep them free from algae which mosquito larvae feed on while they hatch and develop. 

Avoid perfumes:

Mosquitos are most attracted to perfumes, lotions and body sprays that have floral smells. If you’re seeing a lot of mosquitos, ditch the perfumes.

Mow the lawn:

While mosquitos breed in water, they enjoy living in tall grass. Make sure to keep grass short to discourage them from sticking around.

Encourage bug eaters:

Bats and birds such as swallows love to eat mosquitos. Install a bat house, birdhouse or both on your property so that they have a safe place to rest after eating.


Mosquitos breed in standing water and can even be successful in only half an inch of water. Females can lay up to ten broods in her lifetime, producing anywhere between 50-500 eggs per brood. These eggs will hatch within 48 hours and become adult mosquitos within two weeks. The quick and successful breeding of mosquitos means that early prevention is key. 

Because of the nature of mosquitos, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. However, with professional help, technicians can provide a safe and effective spray treatment to potential breeding sites or other places where mosquitos may live to greatly reduce these annoying party crashers.

Pine State Pest Solutions provides free estimates and customized treatment plans for mosquitos and other pests so that you can take back your home. Interested? Contact us today.



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