Prepare Your Home For Winter With These Tips

October 20, 2016

If you live in Maine, you are well aware that once school starts and the leaves begin to change that snow is right around the corner.  There is a lot to do in a short period of time. Wood to be stacked, furnace to be cleaned, winter clothes brought out of storage, and the final flip-flop to be put away for the summer. There are also a few things that you might not think about as you batten down the hatches and settle in with the remote control. 

While you are doing your final yard work that doesn't involve a snow shovel, have you taken the time to make sure that your home is sealed up tight and that insects, rodents and wildlife cannot enter?  You see, pests are also preparing for winter and your home may look like the perfect place to spend the winter especially if it's easy to enter. 

You can help prevent unwanted and potentially destructive houseguests from finding their way inside with the following tips:

Seal potential entry points.
When you inspect the outside of your home, make sure to pay attention to screens and doors. Your screens should not have any tears in them; and if you look carefully around the doors and windows, you should not see any light coming around the cracks. If you can, seal around them with weather stripping or caulking. You want to check around where pipes enter your house as well.  Mice, ladybugs and other insects can usually get in easily through the large (and small) gaps typically found there. Check your siding to make sure that any broken pieces are replaced. Also, check to make sure there a no holes in the roof and that vent covers and chimney caps are installed properly.  

Pick up your yard.
Discourage bugs, rodents and wildlife by eliminating potential nesting sites and food sources.  You can accomplish this by raking up leaves, twigs and other debris from your lawn, stack wood in piles well away from your home and not in your garage, and sealing rubbish in garbage cans that have covers that can withstand pests including raccoons with nimble fingers.  We know that Maine is home to many bird watchers but we highly recommend taking down bird feeders that also attract squirrels and other pests. 

Eliminate moisture inside.
Inside your home, fix leaking pipes and/or clogged drains. You should also replace any water damaged wood and run a dehumidifier in areas prone to moisture issues.

Pest-proof the kitchen.
Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free. Sweep floors, keep food in plastic containers and off the counter, and make sure the dishes do not linger in the sink more than a few hours and never overnight.  Keep counters and the inside of the cupboards crumb free as much as possible.

Following these tips will help discourage pest activity but they are not foolproof.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pests still move in.   If you find that is the case for you, contact Pine State Pest Solutions right away.   Servicing homes in Auburn and communities throughout Androscoggin, Kennebec, and Oxford counties, our home pest control program is the best solution for pest-free living. 

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