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Full-Service Pest Control Solutions For Poland, ME Homes & Businesses

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we are the Maine pest control company to call if you want to stop browntail moth caterpillars, get rid of mice, or need help eliminating ants and other pests from your home or business. Serving Poland, Auburn, and Lewiston as well as other communities in Androscoggin County and throughout our multi-county service area, Pine State Pest Solutions uses industry-leading tools and methods to resolve pest problems, no matter how severe. 

Current Pest Pressures In Poland, ME

Home Pest Control Services In Poland, Maine

When you contact Pine State Pest Solutions about your home’s pest pressures, you can relax knowing you have an experienced team on the job! We understand the adverse effect pests have on both health and property and that is why we offer the best home pest control services in Poland.

With three year-round plans to choose from, Poland homeowners chose the coverage that fits their needs and their household budgets. Features vary by plan but all three include our Pest Free Guarantee- at any point between scheduled services, if you see pests in your house that are covered under you home protection plan, Pine State Pest Solutions will come out within 48 hours and service your home at no additional charge*.

*Some exclusions apply- please see your agreement for details

*initial start-up fees may apply.

Poland, ME Browntail Moth Control

Browntail moth caterpillars are a serious issue in Maine. Not only do they feed on several native trees, their toxic hairs often cause skin rashes and can even result in breathing issues in some individuals. 

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we realize how harmful these pests are and that’s why we have a whole division dedicated to exterminating browntail moth caterpillars before they have a chance to cause problems. From April to June, we’ll target BTM caterpillars by treating the trees where overwintering webs have been located via injection or spraying, depending on the property and its proximity to water. 

If you’re ready to take back your property from browntail moth caterpillars, contact Pine State to schedule your browntail moth treatment in Poland!


Bed Bug Removal In Poland, ME 

Are you worried about bed bugs? Have you noticed bites on exposed skin upon waking up? Do you have tenants complaining about bed bug bites? At Pine State Pest Solutions, we are Maine's premier bed bug exterminators and offer highly effective bed bug treatments in Poland. When you reach out to us about a possible bed bug infestation, here’s what you can expect: 

  • A thorough visual bed bug inspection performed by one of Pine State's fully trained and licensed pest control technicians.
  • Customized bed bug treatment that will likely include a combination of heat and chemical.
  • Installation of bed bug certified mattress and box spring encasements.
  • A follow up visit within two weeks of our initial visits. 

For qualifying properties, Pine State's bed bug control services include a 30-day bed bug guarantee that is effective on the date we give your infested area the all-clear. 

Do not be deceived about bed bugs, they will not go away on their own. While they are not a risk to health, they are not an insect you want sharing your home or business. 

Mosquito & Tick Treatments In Poland, ME

Are you concerned about mosquitoes and ticks taking over your backyard? Unfortunately, both of these biting pests in Maine are capable of spreading illness including West Nile virus (mosquito-borne) and Lyme disease (tick-borne). Providing seasonal mosquito control and tick treatments in Poland, you can count on our local pest control experts to significantly reduce the populations of both insects through ongoing service from April through September or October, depending on the service you select. 

Don’t spend the warmest part of the year stuck indoors in order to avoid encounters with mosquitoes and ticks; contact Pine State for help taking back your yard! 

For even greater protection all year long, please consider our Complete Protection Plus. Designed for homeowners who want year-round general pest control plus seasonal tick and mosquito treatments! 

Complete Protection Plus 

Starting as low as $75/month*

auburn, me exterminator checking for mice and rats

Our most comprehensive home pest control program, Pine State’s Complete Protection Plus includes general pest control four times annually, 5 seasonal tick applications PLUS 5 seasonal mosquito treatments (May- October).

Pests covered under Pine State’s Complete Protection Plus plan include carpenter ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, field ants, little black ants, pavement ants, Asian lady beetles, carpet beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, flour beetles, ground beetles, hide beetles, larder beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, warehouse beetles, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, centipedes, clover mites, American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, German cockroaches, wood cockroaches, field crickets, house crickets,  European earwigs, cat fleas, dog fleas, firebrats, cluster flies, fruit flies, bald-faced hornets, European hornets,  deer mice, house mice, millipedes, Angoumois grain moths, drain moths, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, mud daubers, Norway rats, paper wasps, pill bugs, rice weevils, silverfish, sow bugs, springtails, cellar spiders, daddy longlegs spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, sac spiders, wolf spiders, Western conifer seed bugs, yellow jackets PLUS ticks and mosquitoes.


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*Some exclusions apply- please see your agreement

Poland, Maine Rodent Control 

If you’ve found evidence of mice or rats in your home, camp, or business, contact Pine State Pest Solutions for help. Offering comprehensive rodent control in Poland, we have the tools and know-how to resolve infestations of both mice and rats. Our rodent control services for homes and businesses often include:

  •  A thorough evaluation to determine the type(s) of rodents and the severity of the infestation. 

  • An initial clean-out to remove mice and/or rats that are populating your structure.

  • Installation of bait boxes around the exterior of the structure as well as in other areas including the garage, attic, and basement, if applicable. 

  • Recommendations on how to modify our property to make it less appealing to rodents. 

  • Follow-up service visits, as needed. 

For a solution tailored to your specific needs, please contact Pine State right away!

Looking For A Different Pest Solution In Poland, ME?

In addition to the services detailed above, Pine State Pest Solutions also offers the following pest control services in Poland and throughout our service area:

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