Do Silverfish Bite?

August 23, 2017

silverfish crawling on rock

Identifying Silverfish In Maine

If you live in Maine, then there is little doubt that you have run into silverfish. Typically you find these little pests lurking in the back of your cupboards or drawers when you are reaching for an item that you have not used in a while. Their quick movements can startle you, and that can make any attempt to squish this disgusting little insect very difficult – and if you are fast enough, you may eliminate that one little silverfish; but rest assured, there are many more lurking in the recesses of your home that you haven’t discovered yet.

Silverfish are tiny, slithery little insects that appear to be covered in silvery scales. Their movements resemble a fish in the water, hence their name! Silverfish will damage your personal belongings as they feed, and they will contaminate food sources in your cupboards and pantry. Silverfish prefer to eat proteins and carbohydrates but will shy away from fats. Their preferred food source includes dried meats, oats, flour, paper, and glue. Anything from the cereal in your cupboard to the books on your bookcase to the wallpaper on your wall is at risk when silverfish are around.

The reason that silverfish are attracted to your home is that you are offering them a hospitable environment that includes plenty of moisture. That dripping faucet that you know about or the pinhole leak under the bathroom sink that you haven’t discovered yet is just the thing that silverfish need to entice them into your home. 

No, Silverfish Do Not Bite 

You can, however, rest assured that the silverfish in your home do not pose any direct threat to you or your family members. They do not bite people and they do not transmit any dangerous diseases like other household invaders do. But the presence of silverfish indicates that there is a moisture problem somewhere inside your home, making your home at risk for a mold issue.  Also, if silverfish have found a way through your defenses, it is likely that other, more harmful, pests have too. 

The very best way to prevent silverfish and other nuisance, harmful or damaging pests from causing problems in your home is to put a year-round pest protection plan in place; and if you live here in Maine, Pine State Pest Solutions is the pest control company to call. Our Home Protection, Complete Protection and Complete Protection Plus plans are some of the most comprehensive, effective and environmentally responsible ways to control pests in your home. To learn more about these industry-leading year-round pest protection plans or any of our other affordable solutions to pest issues here in Maine, contact us today.

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