Helpful Bed Bug Protection Tips For Maine Residents

July 16, 2018

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Now that summer is in full swing and many people are traveling and visiting family and friends, there is an increased risk of a bed bug infestation! It is important to take precautions to protect yourself from bed bug infestations, especially during the summer because of our increased activity. Here are some tips you can implement to avoid bed bugs from visitors staying in your home or picking up bed bugs while traveling, going to hotels, or visiting crowded vacation spots.

Protecting Your Home From Bed Bugs From Visitors

Taking precautions against bed bugs while you have family or friends staying with you can be a delicate issue to deal with this summer; after all, you don’t want to offend anyone by suggesting they may have brought bed bugs along with them, but you don’t want to deal with a potential infestation either! Talking to your family and friends about the reasons behind your concerns and the increased threat of bed bugs during the summer season as well as sharing these tips may help:

  • The presence of bed bugs doesn’t indicate a dirty home or person; these parasitic pests go wherever they can find a blood meal.  
  • Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and will climb into your suitcases, purses, briefcases, beach bag, and jackets in order to be transported from one location to another.
  • Bed bugs are not just found in hotels and bedrooms —  these pests can be found in train stations, airplanes, restaurants, dorm rooms, senior centers, schools, and more.
  • Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of, so avoiding an infestation is the best option.

Protecting Yourself From Bed Bugs While Traveling

You can pick up bed bugs just about anywhere there are people including in hotels, motels, on the train, in a plane, and even in crowded shops and tourist spots like museums and amusement parks. Following these steps can help you avoid bringing bed bugs home from your trip:

  • Hang your belongings on hooks rather than placing them on the floor when you can.
  • Inspect seats in restaurants, cabs, retail shops, trains, and planes before sitting down.
  • When staying in hotels and motels, don’t bring your belongings into your room until you perform a thorough inspection; when inspecting the room, make sure to check the bed, inside drawers, behind the headboard, and on any seating in the room.
  • Before coming home, reinspect your belongings for signs of bed bug activity. When you arrive home, wash all the clothing and bedding you brought on your trip in hot water and follow with a spin in the dryer or a high-heat setting; make sure vacuum out suitcases and bags as well.

Treating A Bed Bug Infestation

Even after taking these precautions while traveling or having visitors this summer, you may still pick up bed bugs or have someone bring them into your home. The only reliable way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is through professional treatment. At Pine State Pest Solutions in Maine, we offer free inspections and a variety of state-wide bed bug control options including bed bug heat treatments, K-9 bed bug inspections, and our integrated pest management (IPM) bed bug control solutions to help eliminate current infestations and prevent future bed bug problems as well! Contact us at Pine State Pest Solutions to learn more about our bed bug control options.

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