Are Bed Bugs Worse In The Summer?

July 02, 2022

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you’re in good company. According to this article, people are determined to go away this year despite increased costs associated with flights and gas prices as well as other travel annoyances and safety concerns. If you’re one of the estimated 208 million Americans this summer with travel plans, we wish you a great vacation and also issue a warning – summer is the peak season for bed bugs

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Are bed bugs worse in summer than winter? 

Here’s the thing about bed bugs – they’re not really a seasonal pest in a conventional way. In fact, they are a year-round pest problem- just not for every household. What makes it seem like bed bugs are worse in the summer and why industry experts note summer as the peak season for these biting pests is increased travel and movement. In other words, when more people are heading home from college, going on a summer getaway, or even traveling for work, the risk of encountering bed bugs AND bringing them home increases. 

How bed bugs find you while traveling

Bed bugs are noted hitchhikers and excel in catching rides on luggage, bags, and even people. Since many vacationers travel through airports and stay in hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, or other commercial lodgings, there’s a chance they’ll hitch a ride when you pass by. This is easily done if you sit in an airplane seat that a previous passenger with bed bugs sat in, you sleep in a hotel bed without inspecting it first, or leave your luggage in a spot that bed bugs got to first. In all honestly, there are many ways bed bugs can find you while you’re traveling this summer and that’s why you should be on high alert even if you’re hanging around town. Remember Maine is a magnet for tourists and they may come with baggage – literally and figuratively. 

How to avoid bed bugs this summer

To avoid bed bugs while you travel this summer, you need to know how to inspect for bed bugs. Check out this article, Bed Bug Self Inspection Tips but before you do that, make sure you know how to identify the signs of bed bugs. 

Signs of bed bugs that every traveler should be able to identify

Bed bugs are small but they’re not invisible and if you know what to look for and where to look, you stand a better chance of detecting bed bugs before they infiltrate your belongings. With that in mind, look for live bed bugs in these areas:

  • Mattresses and box springs, especially near seams 
  • Headboards and bedframes
  • Nightstands, desks, and other furniture
  • Mirrors, art, and other wall hangings 
  • Electronics

In addition to looking for adult bed bugs crawling around, you should search for blood stains, feces, shed skins, and eggs all left behind by these biting pests. 

What to do if you find bed bugs while on your trip

If you find bed bugs in your accommodations, notify staff immediately. Do not stay in the infested room or even on the same floor (if you’re comfortable remaining there) and be sure to ask how they’re going to handle your belongings. 

What if you don’t realize you’ve been infested by bed bugs until after you get home

Did you know that it can take several days for a bed bug bite to show up? Also, not everyone feels the bite of a bed bug which means that you could very well and unknowingly take bed bugs home with you. In order to prevent an infestation of bed bugs from taking root in your home, be sure to follow the tips mentioned in our blog post, How To Avoid Bed Bugs On Vacation.

If it’s too late and you realize that you have bed bugs in your home, don’t panic. Instead contact Pine State Pest Solutions right away! As Maine’s premier bed bug control company, we’ve been exterminating bed bugs in Auburn, Portland, and Augusta as well as in many Maine communities for several years now and have the know-how and equipment to get the job done!


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