Maine Forest Service Launches Browntail Moth Awareness Month

February 02, 2022

Maine Forest Services recognizes February as Browntail Moth Awareness Moth

On January 27, 2022, the Maine Forest Service issued a press release recognizing February as Browntail Moth Awareness Month in an effort to reduce the impact browntail moths are having on Maine communities. Below you’ll find an excerpt from the press release along with some of Pine State’s most read browntail moth articles and resources. 

browntail moth winter webs in maine

AUGUSTA - February 2022 has been recognized as Browntail Moth Awareness Month in Maine to encourage people to take advantage of the dormant season of the insect and join together to reduce impacts from browntail moth (BTM). 

BTM populations in Maine have been in an outbreak phase since 2015 and the pest cannot be eradicated. Most areas of Maine, especially settled areas with significant host tree populations such as oak, apple, crabapple, pear, birch, cherry, or other hardwoods, are at risk of infestation by the caterpillars. While long-lasting tree defoliation and branch dieback are major concerns, BTM's microscopic, toxic hairs can cause trouble breathing and skin irritation similar to poison ivy from a few hours up to several weeks.

The Maine Forest Service (MFS) Forest Health and Monitoring Division coordinates within state government, local communities, and directly with citizens to respond to this issue. Winter is the best time to clip and destroy BTM winter webs within reach or hire licensed arborists or pesticide applicators to reduce out-of-reach populations. Comprehensive BTM information and tools compiled by MFS, Board of Pesticides Control, Maine Center for Disease Control, the University of Maine and other partners including research, infestation tracking, FAQs, and educational resources for communities, municipalities, businesses, and healthcare providers, are available on

Browntail moth resources 

browntail moth caterpillars in androscoggin county maine

How To Identify Brown Tail Moth Nests?

btm caterpillar on frye island maine

What Maine Residents Need To Know About Browntail Moths

several browntail moth caterpillars in tree in kennebec county maine

When Do I Need To Be Concerned About Browntail Moths?

Browntail moth control services for property owners in Androscoggin, Cumberland & Kennebec counties as well as throughout Most of Maine

Even though knocking down BTM winter webs can significantly reduce Browntail moth caterpillar activity, there will still be webs that escape destruction. If not addressed before the trees bud and the caterpillars grow their toxic hairs, you could find your property crawling with these pests. 

At Pine State Pest Solutions, our browntail moth control division focuses solely on treating this particular pest problem from April through May on Frye Island and throughout most of the state of Maine. Offering tree micro injects, tree spraying, and vehicle mounted tree spraying for large properties with an acre or more of trees, we have the equipment, products, and the know-how to curb your browntail moth caterpillar problem before it has a chance to really start. 

Our schedule is filling up fast, schedule your browntail moth treatment today! 

While it might seem too early to schedule a treatment that will be completed in a couple of months, we highly recommend giving us a call (or filling out our form) today so we can get you into our scheduling system and to ensure our team of browntail moth control experts service your property this year! 


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