When Do I Need To Be Concerned About Browntail Moths?

April 01, 2019

crawling browntail catapillar on a leaf

When Do I Need To Be Concerned About Browntail Moths?

Browntail moths have become a problem throughout coastal Maine, and their return will be sooner than we would hope. Although, it isn’t the browntail moth itself that poses the major threat, but rather their caterpillar form. These fuzzy insects are the real problem, and with their season coming right up, there is no better time to take preventative measures than right now!

Problems Brown Tail Moths Cause

Did you know that browntail moths in their caterpillar form are considered a public health nuisance by the CDC if enough of them are found in one place? It's true! These fuzzy crawling insects are more than just funny looking bugs, when allowed to roam freely around properties they pose a serious health risk with their toxic hair. These toxic barbed hairs can cause physical irritation when embedded into the skin which can result in rashes and other skin conditions such as dermatitis. If you see a browntail moth caterpillar, it is advised that you are careful not to touch it, but rather call a professional trained in dealing with dangerous pests.

Treatment Window For Browntail Moths

Here in Maine, browntail moths are late spring to early summer pests, and are most toxic at the beginning of their season rather than at the and of it. As for actual dates, depending on the weather, this season usually starts in April and goes through June. This is when professional treatment is needed most!

Without early professional treatment, your property can experience unmanageable populations of these problematic pests. We recommend investing in a proper defense before they become a large problem in and around your home. It is important to note that the treatment window for these pests is very small, so early treatment and planning is vital.

The Best Defense With Pine State

Here at Pine State, we offer fast, effective, and friendly pest control options for all pests including browntail moths. If you are looking to keep your home or business free of browntail moths and their caterpillar counterparts this spring and summer, we have the solution for you. Invest in your home's defense against pests by giving us a call today, so that when browntail moths are out pestering everyone else, you can rest easy knowing you and your property are safe.

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