Now Is The Time To Stop Browntail Moths From Causing Problems This Summer

April 07, 2023

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long winter and the thought of relaxing on the deck and just enjoying the summer when it arrives sounds wonderful. In order to make this daydream a reality and without worrying about the toxic hairs of browntail moth caterpillars, you might want to take a look around your property for winter webs that will be releasing these pests before you know it and take action if necessary. 

browntail moth winter web on a north yarmouth maine property

The trouble with browntail moths

Browntail moths are known for their distinctive white wings and fuzzy brown bodies, however, it is not the adult moths that cause all the problems. It’s actually the caterpillar stage. The caterpillars have tiny, toxic hairs that can cause skin irritation, rashes, and breathing problems. 

In addition to causing physical discomfort for people and pets, these caterpillars defoliate trees and shrubs and cause damage to forests and other natural areas. This can have long-lasting effects.

What’s the current browntail moth situation in Maine?

In Maine, the Browntail moth population has been increasing over the last several years. According to the Maine Forest Service, the population of browntail moths has grown exponentially since the mid-2010s. This increase in population is likely due to a combination of factors, including milder winters and a lack of natural predators. What’s more, the moths have spread to new areas of Maine, including Central and Southern regions. 

How do you prevent browntail moth caterpillars from becoming a problem later on?

Great question! The best way to prevent a browntail moth caterpillar explosion on your property later this year is to treat the trees that are housing these pests. The time to treat trees for browntail moths is in the early spring, after they’ve emerged from their winter webs and before they leave the trees. 

Contact Pine State Pest Solutions for effective browntail moth control

If you’ve spotted winter webs on your property, contact Pine State Pest Solutions for help getting rid of these pests before summer arrives. Offering the most complete browntail moth control in Gray, New Gloucester, and Auburn as well as throughout our Maine service area, our locally owned and operated pest control company offers tree micro injects and tree spraying as well as vehicle mounted spraying for larger properties with lots of trees. Timing of treatment really depends on which method is used but when you contact us for help, we’ll schedule a browntail moth assessment for your property.

Worried that your property might be too close to the ocean, lake or another water source?

No need to be worried. Our tree micro injections are ideal for properties that are within 25 feet of a water source. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about any of our BTM treatments adversely affecting mammals, birds, and beneficial insects. 

We have a limited treatment window for these pests, schedule your assessment ASAP

Our goal is to resolve BTM infestations before the caterpillars leave the trees. In order to accomplish this, we have a narrow treatment window. If you’d like your property treated this spring, please contact Pine State Pest Solutions right away to schedule a browntail assessment for your property! 

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