What Attracts Rodents To Your Yard

May 01, 2023

Have you noticed mice or rats in your yard? Unfortunately, this is a common pest problem many Maine homeowners face and there’s usually a good reason – you’re attracting them. Now we understand you’re probably not intentionally trying to make your property a magnet for rodents and in fact, you might not even realize you are. With that in mind, we’re going to discuss what could be attracting rodents to your yard and what you can do to discourage them from making a home on your property. 

mouse eating bird seed on a maine home porch

Food sources that attract mice and rats to yards

Backyards and even front lawns attract rodents because of the abundance of food sources. These destructive pests are opportunistic feeders and will eat anything they can find, including: 

  • Fallen fruits
  • Birdseed
  • Vegetables from the garden
  • Compost pile 
  • Dog poop 
  • Pet food left outside 
  • Drippings from the grill
  • Unsecured garbage containers
  • Water sources that attract rodents

Mice and rats are also attracted to yards because of the availability of water sources. This can include bird baths, kiddie pools, or even just standing water. Rodents need water to survive, and if they can find a consistent source of water in your yard, they are likely to make it their home.

Plenty of places to hide will also draw rodent activity

Rodents do not like being out in the open so any yard that provides cover from predators and allows them to live and breed comfortably will attract rodents. Potential harborages include, but are not limited to:

  • Leaf piles
  • Overground bushes and shrubs
  • Woodpiles
  • Dense vegetation and ground cover
  • Large objects
  • Cars that do not move/run 
  • Piles of debris
  • Sheds

What can you do to prevent rodents from making a home in your yard?

To make your property inhospitable to mice and rats and to keep them out of your home and outbuildings, our local pest control pros recommend the following tips:

  • Keep your yard clean and tidy. This means picking up fallen fruit and debris, trimming bushes, cleaning up after pets, and removing any piles of leaves or debris.
  • Store your trash in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly. 
  • Eliminate any standing water sources in your yard. This means regularly emptying bird baths and any water elements and ensuring that gutters are clean and free-flowing. You should also make sure your downspouts divert water away from the foundation. 
  • Keep your garden well-maintained. This means harvesting vegetables regularly.
  • Keeping your compost pile covered and well-maintained.
  • Seal any openings in your home, shed, or garage. This includes cracks, gaps, and holes in walls, roofs, and foundations.

Are you already seeing rodents in your yard or in your home?

If you’ve already discovered a rodent problem in your home, contact Pine State Pest Solutions for effective rodent control in Auburn, Augusta, and Portland as well as communities throughout our multi-county service area. When you reach out for help getting rid of mice or rats, our locally owned and operated pest control company will thoroughly inspect your property, and then based on our findings, we’ll develop a customized plan of action which will likely include:

  • An initial rodent clean-out 
  • Minor exclusion work
  • Installation of bait boxes to prevent mice from re-infesting
  • Follow-up services as needed

We’ll also offer suggestions on how to make your property less attractive to rodents to prevent future issues. 

If your property tends to have an ongoing problem with rodents despite your best efforts to make it less attractive to these destructive pests, you might consider one of Pine State’s year-round home pest control plans that cover general pests including mice and Norway rats. Compare our plans below or reach out to discuss your rodent problem today!

*initial start-up fees may apply.


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