A Few Reasons You Might Be Seeing Pests In Your Home

November 10, 2022

When to decorate for the holidays (now or after Thanksgiving) is often passionately and loudly debated every year about this time and while we don’t really have an opinion other than to do what works for you and your family, we do have some concerns regarding the current season. It’s not whether to hold off stringing up lights until the turkey and pie have been consumed or to go full “Griswoldian” now; we’re more worried about the pests that could be making their way into your home right. this. very. minute. 

mouse inside a maine's home kitchen looking for food

Baby, it’s getting colder out (and pests don’t like that)

Sure, we’ve seen some unseasonably warm days recently but they won’t last and we’ll be bundling into our parkas and pulling the beanies down over our heads, and lamenting the loss of the warm(ish) days. In a similar vein, insects and rodents are already reacting to seasonal changes. 

Some pests don’t like being exposed to New England’s cold weather while others simply cannot survive temperatures that drop too low. Whatever the reason, you can be sure they are searching for a nice, cozy home in which to spend the winter.

They found a way in

Why work hard when you can work smart? It’s probably not a question spiders and mice are asking themselves but they will apply the principle when it comes to finding suitable shelter. Easy access to homes is a major attractant for opportunistic pests. If they can squeeze through a plumbing line, scurry under the garage door, or crawl right through a small hole in the exterior of the house, you can be sure they will. 

Your home takes care of their nutritional requirements & water needs 

Crumbs on the floor, easily accessible foodstuffs in the kitchen cabinets and pantry, and trash cans inside your home may supply all the sustenance insects and rodents need in order to survive through the winter. 

Likewise pooling water from a leak, moisture build-up, and other sources of water will keep them hydrated and prevent some insects from drying out. 

They were inadvertently introduced by someone or on something

Though they are likely to find a way inside without any help, sometimes insects and even rodents are brought inside by accident by unsuspecting property owners. It’s not uncommon for pests to be carried in on firewood, in a grocery bag, or even inside boxes of holiday décor that have been stored in the garage or an outbuilding. They may also be transferred from the exterior to the interior on people or pets. That’s right, you might be the one that brings/brought them into your home. 

Take care of pests right away to avoid bigger pest problems

If you’ve detected pest activity in your home already or at the very least, you suspect you have an unwanted houseguest or several inside your home, do not ignore the problem. Left untreated, infestations will only grow. They will not get better with time. 

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we offer home pest control services in Auburn, Durham, and throughout our multi-county service area that protects homes and families from insects and rodents and the issues they cause. To learn more, compare our residential plans and pricing below or simply give us a shout to discuss your concerns! 

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