Does Cold Weather Affect Bed Bugs?

November 22, 2022

Next week is one of, if not the, biggest travel weeks of the year and why wouldn’t it be? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to catch a flight or make the drive home in order to gather with family and feast on Mom’s turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings. Unfortunately, Maine meteorologists are saying there’s an above-average chance that we will see snow on Black Friday and into Saturday. While it’s still too early to know for sure if the weather will cause issues over the holiday weekend or not, there is another potential problem that we’d like to discuss and that’s bed bugs. 

are bed bugs affected by maine's cold winters


Yes, bed bugs are just as active now as they are in the summer

You might think that the cold weather would drive bed bugs away but the truth is they are a year-round pest problem in Maine. It’s true, there are a lot of insects in Maine that take a break when the colder temperatures persist- ants and mosquitoes for example. Bed bugs are not one of them and are just as likely to infest homes and businesses during the fall and winter months as they are during the dog days of summer. 

How bed bugs survive the winter in Maine

Bed bugs survive Maine winters by staying indoors where it’s warm and close to a blood meal. Since their blood supply comes from people, you can guess that they’ll not only survive but thrive in warm, occupied homes. The same goes for businesses, they offer these biting pests everything they need to endure the cold weather. 

Traveling increases the chances of a bed bug infestation

And here’s where we come full circle. Unfortunately, traveling increases the chances of encountering bed bugs. Any time you fly commercially, stay over at a hotel, or are exposed to others who have done so you run the risk of taking bed bugs home with you when the fun comes to an end. 

Of course, traveling is not the only way you can end up with bed bugs. Welcoming your college kid home from school for the holidays, living in an apartment building, and bringing home used furniture ups the risk of a bed bug infestation. 

Can you freeze bed bugs out of your home?

If you’re thinking about keeping your thermostat on a nice, crisp 0°F, you might be able to freeze bed bugs out. According to the University of Minnesota, bed bugs can survive short-term exposure to freezing temps but not for longer periods of time. Since there’s a good chance you’ll also end up with a lovely case of frostbite, it’s probably not a great idea. 

You can use cold weather to your advantage, sort of

If you’re concerned that you have a bed bug infestation, you could put suspect items outside. If it gets cold enough and they’re out there long enough any infested bed bugs will be exterminated. That’s not exactly practical or even convenient nor is it a guarantee that ALL of the population will be affected. Did we mention they’re excellent hitchhikers and hide really well too?

There’s a better way to eliminate bed bugs this winter

If you’re concerned that you have bed bugs in your home OR you’re just arming yourself with knowledge for down the road, call Pine State Pest Solutions for the best bed bug control in Portland, Auburn, and Augusta as well as throughout our multi-county service area

How Pine State Pest Solutions gets rid of bed bugs 

Let’s face it, bed bugs can show up suddenly and without warning which is why you need a team that can stop them quickly and completely. Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we are a locally owned and family-operated pest control company that has specialized in bed bug heat treatments since we started in this business. We use a combination of intense heat conventional products and follow a proven protocol that we’re confident eliminates every single stage of bed bug development – from egg to nymph to adult bed bug. Because we know how effective our method of bed bug control is, we offer a 30-day bed bug guarantee to qualifying property owners! 

If you’re losing sleep over bed bugs, reach out today and let our team take care of these biting pests for good! 

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