How To Keep Wasps & Hornets Away In Maine

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When it comes to wasps and hornets, Maine homeowners will start to see these stinging insects around their homes in the spring once the weather warms up. Throughout the summer months, these pests will continue to occupy properties and even become aggressive later in the season and into early fall. For an explanation about this seasonal shift and to learn how to keep wasps and hornets away from your family and your home, please read on.

Types of wasps and hornets in Maine

baldfaced hornet in a flower outside a maine home

Baldfaced Hornets

paper wasp in its nest above a maine homes front door

Paper Wasps

yellow jacket prepping to sting maine homeowner on the arm

Yellow Jackets

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Why wasps become more aggressive towards the end of summer 

When yellow jackets, paper wasps, and baldfaced hornets first emerge from their overwintering sites, they must establish nests and then start laying eggs and raising their young. Throughout spring and summer, this process continues until their nests start bursting at the seams, metaphorically speaking of course. It is at this same time that their natural food sources start dwindling. With more mouths to feed and less supplies to feed them with, stinging insects will start searching for food and they won’t care if it’s live or dead insects or some sugary morsel on the table at a BBQ. 

The natural conclusion to this situation is the increased likelihood of encounters between humans and insects and unfortunately, wasps and hornets will not hesitate to sting if provoked. Did we mention that some species are easily provoked? They are. 

How to keep wasps and hornets away

By the very title of this article, you must’ve guessed that we would not conclude without sharing a few tips designed to discourage wasps and hornets from raiding your outdoor get togethers or even your time alone on the back deck. 

Manage your trash

Rather than leaving your outside trashcans uncovered or worse, overflowing with refuse, keep a tight lid on them so stinging insects cannot feast on your rubbish. 

Attend to your garden and fruit trees

Don’t leave ripe produce in the garden or on the trees and be sure to pick up rotting fruit that has already hit the ground in order to deter wasps and hornets from dining on the sweet juices that come from fruits and veggies. 

Skip outdoor feedings

If you’re inclined to feed your pets outdoors consider feeding them inside during the summer months. Alternatively pick up their food bowls as soon as they’ve finished their meals. This will prevent stinging insects from buzzing by to see if there are any leftovers. 

Feed your guests but not the stinging pests

If you’re hosting a get together outdoors, make sure you keep food dishes covered and caps on sodas and other drinks if possible. If you have a bunch of people over, there’s a good chance a crumb or several will fall on the picnic table or ground so be sure to pick up any foodstuffs that don’t make it into mouths. Also wipe up spills immediately. Once your guests leave, we highly recommend cleaning up right away and not leaving it until later on or the next day. The longer the mess remains, the increased chances wasps and hornets will stop by. 

Remove nests that are too close 

Though they are pollinators and very much needed, you do not want wasps and hornets building their nests in places that are on or close to your home or areas where your family spends a lot of time. While you might be okay to knock down a nest that is just starting, do not risk your health by going near a nest that is well established. Contact a pest control company for nest removal instead.

How Pine State Pest Solutions resolves stinging insect problems

If you’ve have a problem with yellow jackets or other stinging insects on your property, contact Pine State Pest Solutions right away. Offering effective pest control services in Auburn, Portland, and Yarmouth as well as throughout several Maine counties, our locally owned and operated pest control company has the tools and know-how to eliminate stinging insects. In fact, if you sign up for year-round home pest control with us, we’ll protect your home and family from stinging insects including knocking down wasp nests (below 20 ft.). Compare our residential plans below or contact us with any questions or to schedule service! 

*initial start-up fees may apply.


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