Keeping Your Maine Home Pest-Free All Year Long

December 31, 2019

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There are many pests that can get into our homes and cause issues. The list of Maine pests is quite long. Let's take a moment to talk about some of the pests we deal with in Maine, what we try to do to get rid of them on our own, and how we should actually be taking care of these issues.

Pest Problems in Maine

  • Have you ever shared a backyard barbecue with hundreds of mosquitoes? This is a common event. Mosquitoes in Maine can be merciless.
  • Have you ever found a tick on you? These little bugs can show up when you least expect them.
  • Have you ever found hundreds of ants crawling around inside your home? It happens—too often. Ants are the most common pest we deal with in Maine.
  • Have you ever found rodent droppings in the cabinet under the sink? It wouldn't be surprising. Mice and rats love living inside our homes. But when they get in, they chew holes in building materials, damage stored items, spread ticks around, chew their way into food packages, chew on wires and a whole lot more. There is nothing cute about having a cute little mouse in your home.

How We Deal with Maine Pests

  • When mosquitoes attack us in our yards, we wiggle and wave to keep them off. We get close to the fire and hope the smoke will keep them away. We spray some solutions on our arms and legs. Yet none of these keep us from being bit.
  • When ticks get on us, we pluck them off and go back to what we were doing. But this is actually becoming less common. The increase in Lyme disease cases in Maine has led to an increase in hospital visits for Lyme disease checks.
  • When ants get in, many of us spray something on them and clean the area where those ants were congregating, even though we know this is only a temporary fix.
  • When mice and rats get into our homes, many of us will lay some traps down. Once we catch one or two rodents (assuming we catch anything at all), we consider the problem fixed. If you do this, you should know that you could live with ongoing health issues because your home may still have rodents living inside. Traps are only one part of rodent control.

How We Should Deal with Maine Pests

  • A yard that has routine mosquito treatments has a barrier of protection that not only repels mosquitoes, it eliminates them. When mosquitoes come to rest in your yard, they come in contact with the residual on your landscaping. This residual is just powerful enough to take down simple organisms. And, when you eliminate one female mosquito, you prevent her from creating hundreds of new mosquitoes in your yard. The results are amazing.
  • Then you have treatments for mosquitoes, you get control for ticks as well. The areas ticks hide are the same locations mosquitoes rest.
  • Stop ants "before" they get into your home. When you have routine barrier treatments around your home, you keep ants outside, where they belong. So long ants! You're visiting rights have been revoked!
  • Detecting rodents is difficult. A licensed professional can make sure your home is rodent-free and put in place a treatment plan that catches rodents as they explore the exterior of your home.

Professional Pest Control

Are you living with pests in your home and in your yard? You don't have to. Reach out to Pine State Pest Solutions. We offer home pest control plans that target common Maine pests. Take a moment to look at our Home Protection, Complete Protection and Complete Protection Plus service plans. When you have routine inspections, actionable advice, and seasonal treatments from an experienced pest control professional, it makes a big difference. Take your home and your yard back today!

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