When Should I Start Treating My Yard For Ticks?

February 19, 2024

It’s been an unusual winter here in Maine. In fact, you might say it’s been a mixed bag. We’ve been on the receiving end of storms that have knocked out power for days, caused serious flooding across the state, and dropped snow (although not a lot in our neck of the woods); we’ve also seen above-average and below-average temps. It’s a lot for one winter, and it is not over yet. Of course, Punxsutawney Phil says spring will arrive early this year, so maybe the winter weather is almost behind us. Thinking ahead, you might be looking forward to warm spring days and increasing sunshine, and while we’re right there with you, it’s also not a bad idea to start planning your tick control strategy, especially since the winter we’ve had will only make them worse. It won’t be long before deer ticks and other types of ticks in Maine start showing up, and rather than find yourself dealing with tick bites, why not get ahead of these biting pests? With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the timetable for treating ticks in your yard.   



When to start treating your yard for ticks

Every spring, once the weather begins to warm up, Maine property owners will start seeing all kinds of insects appearing, and ticks are no exception.  Ticks spend winters in a dormant state. When they emerge in the spring, they’ll immediately begin looking for a host to enjoy a bloodmeal. 

This is the ideal time to begin treating the yard. Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we usually schedule our customers’ first tick services in April (subject to change based on the weather). This first application targets those ticks looking for bloodmeals. 

Why a spring tick treatment is important

We cannot underscore the importance of a spring tick service, and here’s why – a single mated female deer tick that took a blood meal in the fall can lay up to 3,000 eggs in the early spring. Since there’s never just one tick in a yard, it’s easy to see how quickly a yard can become overrun with ticks. And that’s not even considering the number of tick nymphs searching the property for a second bloodmeal.

How to treat for ticks in the spring

At Pine State Pest Solutions, we believe the first spring tick application sets the tone for the rest of the season. If you don’t treat your property, you run the risk of a significant tick problem. Again, think back to how many eggs ONE female adult tick can lay. What’s more, the risk of acquiring Lyme disease or another types of tick-borne illness increases. 

Our spring tick treatment targets what we call the “Redzone”. It’s the 5-10 feet of transition where the lawn meets woods or fields where there is dense brush, leaf litter, and foliage. 

Using powered mist blowers, our pest control specialists treat the “Redzone” using a product that kills ticks it encounters and that has a residual effect, meaning it will continue to eliminate ticks for a period of time after being applied. 

Are additional tick treatments necessary?

Absolutely, yes! It’s impossible to stop ticks from crossing over property lines. In fact, they often hitch rides on deer, rodents, and other wildlife. Since the spring tick treatment will run its course after a couple of months, it’s imperative that you continue to treat your property for ticks during the summer and the fall as well. 

To learn more about Pine State’s tick treatment schedule, check out our guide to seasonal tick treatments in Maine

Get a jump on the ticks and sign up for seasonal tick control today!

For help eliminating and preventing tick activity on your property this spring, contact Pine State Pest Solutions today. Our locally owned and operated pest control company offers seasonal tick control in Turner, Yarmouth, Durham, and Cumberland, as well as throughout our multi-county service area that includes three services, April through October, and that targets all stages of the tick life cycle. 

For property owners that want protection from ticks AND mosquitoes, we offer Tick Plus Mosquito Services. This program runs the same as the tick-only one but also targets mosquito breeding and resting sites. 

Want help with other ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests?

In addition to the services mentioned above, Pine State Pest Solutions also offers year-round home pest control services that keep insects and rodents out of homes no matter the season and target ticks and mosquitoes when they are most active in the Pine Tree state. Check out the plan features below, or simply give us a shout to learn more! 

*initial start-up fees may apply.


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