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Quick Facts About Ticks & Prevention Tips

Ticks are tiny but persistent. They will climb brush, shrubs or grass up to 24” high and wait for a host. Once attached, a tick will find a warm area on the body. Depending on the tick species and life stage, they can remain attached and feed from their host for up to ten days. Additionally, an adult female tick can lay anywhere between 1,500 and 5,000 eggs at once. If 2-3 ticks are effectively… Read More >

How to Protect Your People and Places From Germs and Viruses

Keeping objects, surfaces and spaces clean is an important step to staying safe and healthy. However, cleaning involves more than just soap, water and a little bit of scrubbing. For instance, did you know that germs are removed with soap and water but not killed? It’s true! In order to kill germs a disinfectant must be used. But when to use water with soap and when to use disinfectant?… Read More >

german cockroach

Cockroach Identification For Maine Residents

Did you know that cockroach fossils as old as 350 million years have been found, predating dinosaurs? Even with all that history, cockroaches still get a bad rap. With more than 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world, only four are known pests in Maine. Read More >

Mosquito Prevention For Maine Homeowners

Mosquitos are a nuisance. Even one can ruin a backyard barbeque. Aside from being annoying, mosquitos can potentially spread disease and cause painful, itchy bite marks. To keep your family and backyard safe this season, try these prevention techniques. Read More >

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