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Don't Let Mice Move Into Your Maine Home This Winter

As fall gives way to colder days and nights, your mind is full of the preparations that must be done before winter truly hits. Outerwear must be pulled out of storage, summer clothes will be reluctantly put away, and holiday plans are waiting to be made. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to let some things slip through the cracks - quite literally. Don’t let mice slip through the cracks… Read More >

Don't Let Bed Bugs In Portland Ruin The Rest Of Your Summer

July is one of the most popular months for travel. Summer offers a great opportunity to visit family, have visitors, or go on vacation. Throughout the summer, people travel more, and increased travel means an increased risk of picking up pests, especially bed bugs. Read More >

deer tick in portland maine

Spring Tick Prevention For Homeowners In Southern Maine

Maine springs may be short and full of mud, but everyone who lives through a Maine winter knows how wonderful it feels to see the snow melt, watch the trees bud, and feel the warm air against your skin. A Maine spring also means that summer is just around the corner and if anything is more glorious than a Maine spring, it’s a Maine summer. But summer has its downfalls too, most notably the pests… Read More >

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