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How Do Mice Contribute To House Fires?

Everyone knows that rodents are a major nuisance when they infest homes. Not only do mice and rats raid our kitchens for food, damage stored items including our beloved Christmas decorations carefully made from macaroni by our children, and use the attic insulation to create nests where they breed rapidly, they have the potential to do much worse. By worse, we mean start house fires. In light of… Read More >

Is A Fall Tick Treatment In Maine Really Necessary?

If you’ve lived in Maine for even a hot minute, you probably know how bad deer ticks are during the spring and summer months here. If you’ve spent any length of time outdoors (whether in your yard or on a trail), you’ve likely performed countless ticks checks on yourself, your kids, and your pets, maybe you’ve avoided thick woods, and perhaps you’ve taken all the precautions to protect… Read More >

Stinging Insects, Mosquitoes & Other Active Pests In September

Labor Day- it’s the unofficial end to summer but not the end of the warm weather… yet. Hopefully we have a few more weeks of summer-like weather to enjoy. That said, a lot of the pests that were active in July and August will continue to be a problem this month in Portland, Augusta, and Waterville as well as in communities throughout Maine.  Read More >

What Mainers Need To Know About Mice

As you a child do you remember watching Cinderella and thinking how great it would be to have a bunch of mice as cute as Jaq and Gus running around your home? The reality of a mouse infestation is, unfortunately, nothing like the movies and could actually be a source of danger to your family and your home.  Read More >

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