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squirrel on fall day

Where Do Squirrels Live?

Squirrels live everywhere there are trees. They love to travel from tree to tree, and will even jump onto utility lines, cables and poles. They can even jump from one house to another if they are close enough or quickly scurry up a tree to get to upper decks and rooftops. Squirrels usually nest outside in tree trunks or under porches, but in climates where the weather gets cold, they will seek… Read More >

earwig crawling on granite

Everyone Asks Us The Same Question About Earwigs

At Pine State Pest Solutions we get many calls a day about different pests, one pest that we get quite a few calls about is the earwig and we understand why; earwigs really are not the friendliest nor cuddliest looking insect. Earwigs have dark-brown to reddish-brown colored smooth bodies, and they grow to about 5/8th of an inch in length. However, in our opinion their most intimidating feature… Read More >

silverfish crawling on rock

Do Silverfish Bite?

If you live in Maine, then there is little doubt that you have run into silverfish. Typically you find these little pests lurking in the back of your cupboards or drawers when you are reaching for an item that you have not used in a while. Their quick movements can startle you, and that can make any attempt to squish this disgusting little insect very difficult – and if you are fast enough, you… Read More >

bed bug crawling on bed in augusta maine

Avoid Bed Bugs During Summer Travel

Are you traveling this summer? Then you will want to enjoy your trip and have carefree days of fun in the sun. It’s nice to relax and enjoy vacation time alone or with friends and family after working hard the rest of the year. The last thing you need is to be exposed to bed bugs or worse, to bring them home with you. Make sure you know where these nearly invisible pests are hiding and how to… Read More >

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