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Bed Bugs In Maine: What Every Property Owner Needs To Know

To date, there has never been a Maine city that has earned the distinction of being ranked one of the U.S.’s worst bed bug infested cities. This piece of information probably doesn’t come as a shock when the competition includes L.A., Chicago, Denver, Philly, and New York City. That doesn’t mean though, that the current state of our state is bed bug free. No indeed, we’re sure bed bugs… Read More >

Most Common Types Of Cockroaches In Maine

Are there cockroaches in Maine? The answer is most definitely yes. While there are more than 4,000 cockroach species worldwide, it’s estimated that only about 30 of them are considered pests and wouldn’t you know it, two of the most common ones in this group are found in Maine.  Let’s take a closer look at the types of roaches in Maine and what you should do if you find these repulsive… Read More >

Quick Facts About Brown Mice In Maine

Recently we’ve noticed a lot of inquiries about brown mice and thought it might be prudent to share a bit about these mice. The thing is, there is no such thing as a brown mouse… at least not here in Maine. Not that there aren’t brown mice in our state, there’s just not a critter that bears that name on their family’s crest. Now that said, homeowners are probably seeing brown mice in… Read More >

Get Rid Of Mice In The Garage, Attic, Wherever They’ve Infested

If your garage has become a sanctuary for mice trying to escape the cold Maine winter, or if your attic has become a nursery for female mice and their many, many offspring, or if you’ve found mice eating out of your pantry, please know you are not alone. Many Maine homeowners are dealing with the same situation as you and also wondering how to get rid of mice that have infested.  Read More >

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