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May Showers Trigger Mosquito Activity: High Water Table & Standing Water Amplify Breeding

Last month, many Maine communities experienced a crazy amount of rainfall (not showers, we were just trying to be clever in the blog title) that resulted in a high-water table and the formation of stagnant pools. Unfortunately, these temporary bodies of water, coupled with the warm and sunny conditions that followed, created a perfect storm for mosquito breeding. As we progress further into spring… Read More >

Babesiosis Disease: What Maine Residents Should Know

By the time spring rolls around here in Maine, many of us have cabin fever and are ready to head outdoors to work in the yard, hike a nearby trail, or simply enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great time of year but it does have its drawbacks – ticks. While most residents are well aware of ticks and their connection to Lyme disease, it’s not the only tick-borne illness around. In fact, in recent… Read More >

What Attracts Rodents To Your Yard

Have you noticed mice or rats in your yard? Unfortunately, this is a common pest problem many Maine homeowners face and there’s usually a good reason – you’re attracting them. Now we understand you’re probably not intentionally trying to make your property a magnet for rodents and in fact, you might not even realize you are. With that in mind, we’re going to discuss what could be… Read More >

Now Is The Time To Stop Browntail Moths From Causing Problems This Summer

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long winter and the thought of relaxing on the deck and just enjoying the summer when it arrives sounds wonderful. In order to make this daydream a reality and without worrying about the toxic hairs of browntail moth caterpillars, you might want to take a look around your property for winter webs that will be releasing these pests before you know it and take action… Read More >

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