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Can Food Repel Mosquitoes?

Mosquito bites – they’re itchy and annoying. Worse, they have the potential to transmit mosquito-borne illnesses. If you’ve lived in Maine long enough, you know the chances of encountering these biting pests once summer is in full swing is almost guaranteed but did you know that there are claims that you can repel mosquitoes by eating certain foods? Read More >

How To Avoid Bed Bugs On Vacation

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your vacation destination? Do you change out of your traveling clothes and dart over to the nearest amusement? Do you hit the pool for a little R & R? Do you grab a nap and recharge your batteries (literally and figuratively)? While we certainly cannot fault you for choosing any of those options, we have a better one in mind and that is to check… Read More >

Are Mosquitoes Bad In Maine?

For residents of Maine, mosquitoes are part of life during the warm weather months. If we let mosquito bites stop us from going outside, then we’ll never fully enjoy the spring and summer months we all look forward to each year. Since these biting pests aren’t going away any time soon (in fact, they’re ramping up) and there are some health concerns associated with them, it begs the question… Read More >

Carpenter Ants vs Odorous House Ants

Though we might wish otherwise, it’s quite normal to start seeing ants in your house and in your yard once spring arrives. After all, with warmer temperatures and increasing food sources as each spring day goes by, they’d be foolish to stay tucked away in some wall void or other hibernation site. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who have already found ants on the move inside your home or on… Read More >

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