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What To Do About Mice In The Walls

We have mice in the walls and when we moved in there were multiple dead mice in the basement Dead bodies in the basement, creatures crawling through the walls – sounds like a scene straight out of a horror movie, right? For the homeowners who reached out to us for help, this is real life and unfortunately, this is a common problem here in Maine. So, what can be done to stop mice from taking up… Read More >

Finding Ladybugs In And Around Your Home This Fall?

Did you know some cultures believe ladybugs bring good luck? If that is indeed fact, then luck is abounding in Maine right now. Either that or the cold weather has ladybugs on the move looking for warm shelter. Believe what you will but in this blog post, we’re going to go with the latter option and unpack it a little.  Read More >

The Importance Of Honey Bees

Did you know that Aristotle was a beekeeper? So maybe we cannot say with 100% accuracy that he was but records indicate that at one point in his life he was in possession of a beehive and that he was so curious about it, he tried to build a window in it so that he could watch the inner workings. As you can well imagine he wasn’t successful in that particular endeavor but only because those… Read More >

Are Yellow Jackets Dangerous & Other FAQs

If it seems like yellow jackets are more of a problem right now around your Maine home, you’re right! Even agrees and notes that these wasps become a nuisance from August through October. We also touched on this and explained why in our blog post, Why Are Wasps So Active In August? but here’s a quick summary in case you missed it.  Larger wasp populations, depleting natural food… Read More >

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