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Why Cockroaches In Maine Love Bathrooms

Have you ever made a quick trip to the loo in the wee hours of the morning only to see a cockroach dart behind the toilet when you turned on the light or found a roach hanging out in the bathroom sink? If you answered in the affirmative, we express our sympathy but would encourage you with this, you are not alone. Although we weren’t there to witness events firsthand, we feel pretty confident… Read More >

4 Life Hacks To Keep Pests Out This Winter

Have you noticed there are life hacks for just about anything you can think of these days? For example, strategic planning is all you need to hack your hydration and according to Amazon, sponge spa headbands, laptop cooling pads, and vegetable choppers are a few life hacks that will change your life in 2023. While we don’t really have an informed opinion on those particular life hacks, we do… Read More >

How To Enjoy A Pest-Free Holiday Season

Are you looking forward to the holidays? There’s so much to do – from decorating your home to making gingerbread houses with the kids, from baking sweet treats to share with coworkers, neighbors, and anyone you come across to hosting festive parties where the yuletide spirit is rocking. In all the hustle and bustle of the season, don’t forget about pests. Unlike the case of Snoopy and the… Read More >

There’s A Bed Bug Boom Happening In Southern Maine

With all the calls we’re getting, it’s safe to say there’s a bed bug boom in progress in Central and Southern Maine. Naturally, that leads to a lot of Google searches about bed bugs and of course how to get rid of an infestation. It also means many property owners will be tempted to solve this particular pest problem using natural remedies and other DIY methods. Before you grab your… Read More >

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