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Adult Browntail Moths: What Maine Residents Need To Know

After spending the last few months terrorizing communities throughout Maine, browntail moth caterpillars are in the process of transforming into big, white moths. While residents can enjoy the respite from the nasty rashes caused by their toxic hairs and take a breather from worrying about attacks on their trees, we must warn against the next phase- infestations of browntail moths. Yes, don’t be… Read More >

Summer Has Arrived In Maine & So Have The Bugs

You know summer has officially arrived in Maine when Interstate 95 is filled to brim with tourists heading to all corners of the state, construction is happening on just about every road, you start heading upta camp to relax, and the bugs start taking over every available square inch of your home and property. That last one might be a slight exaggeration but make no mistake summer is here and so… Read More >

Maine Camps & Mice

When you own a camp in Maine, mice come with the territory. It doesn’t matter whether your camp is used all year long or shut up for winter, rodent problems are going to happen. So, what attracts mice to camp, how do you prevent a rodent infestation and what do you do to get rid of mice (and/or rats) should they show up at camp? Read on to find out! Read More >

Bed Bug Self Inspection Tips

Given their name, it makes sense that bed bugs are typically found in and around beds including mattresses, box springs, bed frames, head boards, and nearby items such as night stands and dressers. Because bedrooms are a hotspot for bed bug activity, Pine State Pest Solutions, a Maine-based bed bug control company with more than 10 years of experience, has put together the following tips to help… Read More >

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